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AnimalGo - the Ultimate Blockchain Pet Ecosystem

Blockchain has brought us what is thought to be the future of money, countless business applications and now, blockchain can help you become the best pet owner you can be.
AnimalGO Crypto

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Blockchain has brought us what is thought to be the future of money, countless business applications and now, blockchain can help you become the best pet owner you can be.

AnimalGo is a new blockchain based pet application that brings pet communities together, strengthens relationships and provides pet owners with care assistance you wouldn’t think you could get from your mobile phone.

The AnimalGo app is currently available for download on both Android and iPhone and it has recently become a hit in Korea, ranking 5th in Androids Sharp Rise and 21st in iPhone’s popular chart.

What can AnimalGo do?


AnimalGo ultimate pet blockchain


Using the power of your mobile phone, artificial intelligence and deep learning technology AnimalGo is a highly capable mobile application. Using the app you are able to discover pedigree information of your pet, analyze your pet to establish their present health, conduct age analysis and strengthen your connection with not just your pet, but the entire animal community. AnimalGo will even listen to your pet and provide emotional analysis to let you know how your pet is feeling.

AnimalGo is designed to be useful and fun. The app encourages users to upload and share pictures of their pets, not only for the enjoyment of the user and the community, but also to collect data and strengthen the deep learning database to make analysis more precise.

The AnimalGo Community

Use the app to join a new community. Meet new friends, become a better pet owner and have fun while doing it.

AnimalGo is a rewarding pet community that allows owners to build a new social network amongst other pet owners. Location-based technology can also support local community activities and help to organize pet meetups.


AnimalGo will provide a one-stop-shop for keeping your pet happy by building a diverse ecosystem. This includes the ability to find pet walking friends, pet healthcare, pet insurance, pet funeral services, pet products, pet TV, pet wearables and more.

The token ecosystem

There are three values that matter within the AnimalGo Ecosystem: GoMoney2 (GOM2), GoPoint (GOP) and Go Experience (GEX).

GEX is experienced earned by participating in the AnimalGo ecosystem. It cannot be transferred or spent, it is merely used to track the participation of a user within the community.

GOM2 is AnimalGo’s cryptocurrency. Is it used as a means of transfer and can be exclusively used to buy GOP.

GOP are points that can be earned by participating in the community. Content creation and content engagement are the two ways to earn GoPoints. GOP has a number of use cases within the ecosystem:

  1. Voting power
  2. Purchase of goods
  3. Qualify for airdrops


AnimalGo opened an independent flagship store in Seoul, Korea called AnimalGoPark. It operates pet cafes, beauty salons, hotels, hospitals, and kindergartens. In addition, a car-visiting service called AnimalGoBeauty is underway for beauty and spa services.



AnimalGo is the new pet crypto



AnimalGo is now on Liquid

GOM2 is now available for trading on Liquid.

Trade GOM2

AnimalGo Listing Perks

To celebrate the listing of GOM2 on Liquid, AnimalGo are rewarding Liquid users who get involved.

Join the airdrop!

To qualify for the airdrop you will have to download the AnimalGo mobile application and create quality content.

Here’s the step by step guide to joining the airdrop:

  1. Download the AnimalGo app and post content about your pet
  2. Once content is posted, submit your AnimalGo username here.
  3. AnimalGo team will validate your post,
  4. Once your post is ok’d, you will be airdropped 100 GOM2 tokens

Trading competition

A GOM2 trading competition is running on Liquid between 12th - 24th December. 


1st: 3,000 USDe

2nd: 2,000 USDe

3rd: 1,000 USDe

Prizes will be paid in GOM2 tokens.

How to win

  • Only Liquid users who hold a GOM2 trading volume larger than 300 USDe during the campaign period can qualify.
  • Users must have a GOM2 balance of at least 300 USDe at the end of the competition to qualify.
  • Winners will be ranked by GOM2 trading volume. The highest volume wins.

GOM2 trading competition terms and conditions.


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