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    Providing liquidity for the crypto economy.

    Top 5 Hottest Metaverse Projects You Need to Know about Now

    The five of the most exciting metaverse projects that could change the future of entertainment: Metacity, WEMIX, Metahero, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox.
    By Liquid In

    QASH Blog Update 26/11/2021

    Here is our weekly QASH/LQT update to keep you informed on the recent developments of the QASH/LQT token and Liquid chain.

    New Listing: SRX Token

    We are excited to announce that the SRX token is now available on Liquid.

    Meet Caroline Ellison - Investor. Leader. Researcher

    Join Caroline Ellison on Liquid - a conversation about crypto and success. Alameda Research CEO. Get the latest - Caroline Ellison advises women on crypto.

    New Campaign: Claim up to $100 in ZUSD

    Claim a 10% bonus on the amount of ZUSD purchased! To be eligible for the reward, subscribe your newly purchased ZUSD balance to Liquid Earn! 

    What is the Lightning Network in Bitcoin? - Layer 2 Adoption Rises

    Lightning network refers to a second layer on top of the original Bitcoin blockchain.
    By Liquid In