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    Providing liquidity for the crypto economy.

    Lifting of improvement order for Liquid Japan

    Liquid would like to announce that our sister company QUOINE Corp (Liquid Japan), the reporting period for the improvement order has come to an end.

    How Blockchain could redefine the gaming industry

    Can blockchain redefine the digital gaming experience that will impact players and developers alike? Can game developers integrate blockchain into existing genres and titles?
    By Liquid In

    China crypto crackdown and how it impacts Bitcoin mining

    Does China allow cryptocurrency? Is it legal to buy Bitcoin in China? Why is China cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin mining?
    By Liquid In

    New listing: Creature (CRT) token

    CRT offers solutions to both games and users, providing an ecosystem that allows everyone to live in Creature’s metaverse and be rewarded with gifts.

    New listing: Lattice (LTX) token

    We’re excited to announce that Lattice is listing its native token LTX on Liquid exchange with LTX/BTC and LTX/USDT trading pairs.

    How to earn cryptocurrency?

    Are you looking for ways to earn crypto? While mining remains a popular option, there is now an abundance of methods like Yield Farming, Staking and more.
    By Liquid In