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    Mike Kayamori

    CEO and Co-founder of Liquid.

    Building a new kind of Liquid: Mike’s monthly message

    Liquid exists in an ever changing landscape. We do our best to make a positive impact on the sector. Let's talk about our progress and future goals.

    Faith in crypto exchanges should be earned, not given

    Crypto exchanges are rightly coming under scrutiny for how they go about their business thanks to a number of independent research groups, who have taken it upon themselves to start holding these exchanges to account.

    Liquid Q1 2019 Progress Report

    Sentiment in cryptocurrency is improving, and progress is speeding up everywhere we look. This quarter has been a productive one for Liquid. We are humbled and grateful to play an integral role in the progression of this new and exciting space.

    Exciting month ahead for Liquid: Mike's monthly message

    February went by in an instant. We have already found ourselves in March. There are a lot of exciting product updates coming to Liquid this month, including platform updates and the beginnings of the re-brand of QASH to the Liquid Coin (LQC).

    QASH rebrand: say hello to LQC

    QASH is crucial for the growth of the Liquid platform, but the token must have an identity that represents the values for which we stand. This is why we are rebranding QASH to Liquid Coin (LQC). Read about the rebrand to $LQC, along with details of token utility, in this new blog.

    2019 will be a year of growth for Liquid and crypto

    Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori and Head of CEO Office Katsu Konno's message to the Liquid community for January 2019.