Automated Trading on Liquid made easy - with Coinrule

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Algorithmic Trading is a fast growing trend in financial markets.

It is estimated that about 80% of FX market orders today are run through algo bots.

In cryptocurrency trading the markets are open 24/7 and the need for accessible Algorithmic Trading is even larger. How can normal traders compete with these trading bots?

This is why today we are happy to announce that you can now trade on Liquid through Coinrule. Coinrule makes it very easy for regular traders to build algorithmic trading strategies through an ‘If-This-Then-That’ interface.

For all traders and investors alike, access to powerful trading tools is invaluable. At Liquid we want to give regular traders the possibility to be as successful as possible with their trading and the partnership with Coinrule is a big step towards this.

Coinrule is a London-based team that have been building trading tools for cryptocurrency traders since 2018. We met them for the first time at Web Summit 2018 and have been following their journey ever since. 

Here's how to get started with building automated trades on Liquid:

Step 1:Connect Liquid to Coinrule


Select Liquid from Coinrule’s list of exchanges and follow the Step-by-Step video guide to set up your API Key. Coinrule does not have withdrawal rights to your funds which are safely stored on your Liquid wallets.

Step 2: Start building Automated Trading Strategies


Go to the ‘Create Rule’ page and select Liquid as your connected Exchange. You can then start building trading strategies that will automatically execute on Liquid as soon as the condition is met.

You can access Coinrule’s very helpful Learning Center to read more on how to get started. Their support team is responsive and always happy to provide assistance if needed. 

Step 3: Need help? Choose a Strategy Template


If you are not sure where to start, you can choose from one of over 150 ready-made templates that pre-fill your strategies directly into Coinrule. Automated trading has never been more simple:

Become a Better Trader

Advanced trading tools made easy - that’s what Coinrule is all about. No regular trader can sit 24/7 in front of screens and charts. Algorithmic trading gives you the power to set up the right protection for your portfolio or a strategy to catch opportunities that literally happen in your sleep. This power is now available to all our traders.

In the future, Coinrule will also be adding automated trading functionalities for Perpetual Swaps and other Liquid Leverage products and you will be able to access even more advanced trading easily. 

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Watch out for trading contests and other perks that we will be releasing over the next months as part of Liquid’s partnership with Coinrule!

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Automate Trading made easy. Coinrule empowers traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds. No coding required.