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Get an unfair, market-beating advantage

One of the most hotly anticipated IEOs this year is Brave New Coin(BNC), coming to Liquid on November 4.

BNC has spent the last six years building the most comprehensive Crypto Data Engine to provide customized indices, global price discovery, market data and more for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Now BNC is channeling years of in-depth, nuanced industry knowledge into a groundbreaking new platform: BNC Pro – a suite of powerful applications that empowers crypto traders with portfolio management, institutional-grade data, research and analysis. BNC Pro can help any trader operate like a seasoned pro.


A glimpse of power: BNC Pro overview

BNC Pro is now in a fully subscribed Beta after being in development for more than 18 months. A public release is scheduled for late-November.

Some of the great features on offer include:

Portfolios and charting at a glance

Trades on major exchanges are automatically tracked and updated in your BNC Pro portfolio. The portfolio view allows comprehensive tagging and is filterable, enabling you to easily chart and visualize strategies.

Asset screener

Objectively analyze opportunities by filtering across a range of fundamental and technical factors - all powered by BNC’s trusted data.

Realtime newsfeed

Receive crypto news from hundreds of sources in near real-time with optional personalization filters and alerts to help the right information find you.

Watchlists and alerts

Automate alerts and track portfolio performance anywhere, anytime.

Gain exclusive access

The BNC Pro platform will be available to all under a freemium model. Anybody can create an account and begin using the free tools.

To get the full BNC Pro experience, advanced features can be exclusively unlocked using the BNC token, available on Liquid in the upcoming IEO. The BNC token operates like a Digital-Software-License – offering direct utility for premium features and access to cryptocurrency data and service consumption across BNC Pro’s stable of products.

Easy access to awesome features

At launch, the pricing for BNC Pro will be competitively low - to encourage growth and product feedback (1 BNC Token for a day’s use of a premium product - approximately 1 USD). The aim is to custom tailor the product above and beyond what users dreamed was possible. All future products will be based on either one-time or pay-for-consumption payments.

BNC’s philosophy is that platform users should only pay for the services they actually use, which is why BNC Pro has opted for micro-transactions facilitated using the BNC Token instead of monthly or annual fees.

BNC Pro features in the future roadmap include order management, compliant chat, integration with DeFi products, and other innovative tools and applications.

A trusted team

Brave New Coin is part of the Techemy Group, a stable of blockchain infrastructure companies that spans digital identity, blockchain development, asset index building, advisory, research and analysis, and professional fund management.

The company has more than 100 staff based in London, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Auckland and New York.

The BNC Pro IEO begins on November 4.

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