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New Listing: ABBC Coin

We are happy to announce that the ABBC token is now available on Liquid.
Buy ABBC token on Liquid

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We are happy to announce that the ABBC token is now available on Liquid.

About ABBC token

The ABBC Coin project continuously focuses on becoming the future of payment security. In June 2019, after conducting thorough research, the ABBC team of developers switched to using the ABBC Generation 2.0 blockchain built on EOSIO. By August of the same year, ABBC launched the testnet of its upgraded network which is a private Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) blockchain on EOS.

In detail, a blockchain adopting EOS.IO software enables block producers to naturally increase bandwidth, computation, and storage available per token, independent from the token’s current value. In addition to its consensus, ABBC using EOSIO adds asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) for faster achievement of irreversibility. The aBFT algorithm provides 100% confirmation of irreversibility within 1 second.

ABBC Coin is the iconic digital asset that powers payment technology and consistently hovers among top coins and tokens. With the growing popularity of the crypto market, ABBC coin presents a wide range of solutions that will make online and digital payments secure, smooth, and convenient.

Key Features of ABBC Token

  • Enhanced Security features
    ABBC Foundation has rigorously implemented various security features using advanced technology to protect the privacy of ABBC coin users and other services offered.
  • Smooth Crypto Transactions
    ABBC has designed a blockchain platform that enables seamless cryptocurrency transactions for everyone. The platform allows users to conduct transfers at their own convenience without the fear of mishandled data, stolen assets, or hacked accounts.
  • Seamless Online Shopping Opportunities
    With the rapid advancement in the shopping industry, ABBC offers a broad spectrum of online opportunities for both merchants and customers alike. ABBC launched Buyaladdin — a crypto-based shopping mall platform. It is a one-stop e-commerce application that provides customers a convenient, secure, and efficient global marketplace using their cryptocurrency assets.

ABBC Listing Details

Listing Date: September 24th, 2021 at 5 PM (JST).


From 24th of September, 2021 - 8th of October, 2021 we offer 0 fees for trading ABBC pairs on Liquid. 

Trade now

To read more about ABBC and follow their projects across the globe, visit:

Website: https://abbccoin.com/

Twitter: @abbcfoundation

Whitepaper: https://abbccoin.com/whitepaper.pdf

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