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New Listing: Vid (VI) Token

Liquid exchange is excited to announce the listing of Vid (VI) token.
VI token is coming to Liquid exchange

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Liquid exchange is excited to announce the listing of Vid (VI) token.

Vid has built a social media app that pays its users in their native token VI. All users earn daily by simply logging into the app and either watching or creating daily videos. 

In 2020 the average social media user spends 144 minutes each day on social media apps (COVID has only accelerated this). What are they receiving for this time investment and the billions of dollars they are making these platforms? 

Vid is building an app that not only provides entertainment, connection, and opportunity but also remunerates its users for the contribution they make, every day to growing the app.

What trading pairs are available for VI?

The trading pairs Liquid will support for Vid are VI/BTC, VI/USDT, VI/ETH.


Effective 28th November 2020 5 pm JST (UTC +9)


Effective 8th December 2020 5 pm JST (UTC +9)


Effective 8th December 2020 5 pm JST (UTC +9)

What are the use cases of VI?

VI operates on a deflationary token model. Within the Vid App the VI token is further broken down into vibes (there are 1000 vibes in a VI token). All in-app activities such as sending Vibes (likes), getting featured, ad revenue, hashtag NFT purchases, marketplace sales. etc are programmed to return as mall portion of VI back into escrow for 300+ years.

A percentage of Ad revenue will be returned to Vid users and advertising on Vid will allow for purchasing of the token directly from those businesses and individuals wishing to occupy advertising space. 



What else should I know about Vid?

The team is made up of Jag and Josh Singh (Co-founders) Antek Baranski (ex Esports/Disney), Andy Deemer (ex-Apple) amongst many others. Vid was recently covered in a segment on National television channels Bloomberg and Fox and will have further exposure in the coming weeks on follow up episodes of ‘New to the street’.  

The Vid app is currently live on Android and iOS. Vid has a number of existing influencer partnerships and is onboarding new creators to help in the promotion and adoption of the app. 40,000 people have downloaded and used Vid with a cumulative earring of 3,561,963 VI ($477,993 USD).

Official Website: https://vid.camera/  

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