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New Listing: ANW Token

We are happy to announce that the Achor Neural World token is now available on Liquid.
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We are happy to announce that the Achor Neural World token is now available on Liquid.

About Anchor Neural World (ANW) Token

Anchor Neural World Foundation aims to develop a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine with development teams in Korea and Japan. Differentiated from existing AI systems via a unique data-driven approach, Anchor Neural World Foundation is developing the “ANW (Artificial Neural World)” engine—an advanced information retrieval inference engine and DeFi ecosystem. By developing an unparalleled information-based Artificial Intelligence solution, enabling it with a blockchain data layer, and issuing its “ANW” token to support decentralized governance and utility within ANW’s global network, the ANW Foundation seeks to build a truly vibrant ecosystem.

Anchor Neural World is building an ecosystem of decentralized services that revolve primarily around the implementation of artificial intelligence (A.I.), machine learning (M.L.) based services and DeFi service. To facilitate the governance, accuracy, distribution, and capacity of these services, ANW is building a full blockchain ecosystem and integrated wallet for the ANW community and partner companies to participate easily in the usage of its service cluster.

ANW Finance Saver

ANW Finance Saver is a decentralized annuity service that allows users to lock stable assets such as USDT, USDC, and DAI, to gather fixed income returns through DeFi connected yield models.

ANW Finance Swap

ANW Finance Swap allows users to easily swap ANW, ANWFI, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and others easily. It also allows the ANWFI community to participate in liquidity providing and receive a portion of the fees that come from the trade of those tokens.

ANW Finance Stake

ANW Finance Stake allows users to stake tokens for staking rewards. Staked tokens provide even deeper liquidity to the ANW Finance ecosystem.

ANW Finance Treasury

The ANW Finance Treasury adheres to open governance standards that will be managed through a community DAO of token holders. The Treasury controls ANWFI buyback and burn, protocol fee rates, adoption of new yield models, adoption of new services, and other important governance parameters.

ANW Listing Details

Listing Date: September 23rd, 2021 at 3 PM (JST).

Listing pairs: ANW/USDT.

From 23rd of September, 2021 - 7th of October, 2021 we offer 0 fees for trading ANW pairs on Liquid. 

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