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New Listing: Ariva ARV Token

We are excited to announce that $ARV is now available to trade on Liquid exchange.
Buy Ariva ARV token

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We are excited to announce that $ARV is now available to trade on Liquid exchange.

About $ARV and Ariva Ecosystem

Ariva was produced to eliminate the expensive costs of international high-volume
money transfers and the Swift transaction complexity in tourism and travel
transactions, which are among one of the highest volume industries in the world
economy. One of its main aims is to eliminate the complexity and difficulty
arising from the use of local currency in the destination country. The target is
creating a decentralized crypto-only portal for the tourism industry where facility
owners meet with holiday bookers. ARV is the cryptocurrency of this ecosystem.

Problems and Solutions

Ariva’s aim is to ensure that crypto is actively used in the tourism industry. With
the experience of being in the sector for many years, it is a solution-oriented
project on the following issues.
· Eliminates the need for complicated and expensive SWIFT operations that
require a lot of detailed information.
· No high credit card commissions and no exchange costs in local currencies.
· Eliminates the need to carry multiple alternative payment methods such as
debit cards, credit cards, or cash.
· There is no obligation to share credit card or bank account details with
companies you do not know personally.
· ARV does not suffer from the transaction limit restrictions set by banks for credit
and debit cards during the payment or while in the destination country.
The most obvious difference between Ariva and similar projects is that Ariva is
creating a B2C crypto-only portal. Anyone who wishes and fulfills the necessary
conditions can add their facility or product here and sell by cryptocurrency.

Ariva Ecosystem

Ariva has three different ecosystem integrations whose design and developments
are still ongoing.

Ariva.World is the first Global Travel & Tourism platform integrated with
cryptocurrency, all around the world. We recently launched the first version of
Ariva.World. https://ariva.world

Ariva.Club is a new social media platform for everyone to share their experience
about related tourism industries and get rewarded in cryptocurrency.

Ariva.Finance is the new generation of payment gateway based on blockchain
technology! The one that connects the other two portals to work smoothly and
eliminates the problem of the facilities still having to make collections with fiat.

Also, we have launched ''ASF'' (Ariva Staking Factory) at the end of 2021.

Ariva Metaverse Project

Ariva World Metaverse is on the way. There are so many features, of course, the
main theme is Travel, also such as concert venues, cinema, shopping center,
voice and text chat that you will be surprised. Ariva planning to launch the Alpha
version in late April 2022. Ariva Wonderland's first in-game trailer has been
published. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELhhqlDrzQQ

Interested in learning more about $ARV? Join the Ariva community:

Website: https://ariva.digital/
Telegram: https://t.me/ariva_arv
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArivaCoin
Medium: https://medium.com/@arivacoin

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