What is BaaSid (BAAS)?

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Blockchain technology has been around for quite some time now. While developed countries and multinational corporations are currently exploring and developing blockchain-based applications, the financial technology (FinTech) application has been at the forefront of blockchain adoption. Besides, other industries have also realized that blockchain technology could bring a revolution to their respective work areas.

In recent years, driven by various governments, open banking has already been the primary driving force of fintech evolution. However, open banking investors have faced issues with identity verification security and the safety of information exchange. The existing technology alone cannot secure the private information of users. Therefore, different industries have started paying more attention to blockchain-based decentralized identification, which could solve issues with modern ways of information security.

About Baasid

BaaSid is a multinational company located in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, that is focusing on blockchain technology application development such as “Soteria blockchain technology storage” and “Pistis distributed identity authentication.”

Baasid believes that Blockchain technology will change the structure of the Internet world in the future. Therefore, enterprises need to follow techniques to stand out in the market.

With the rise of investments in blockchain technology, Baasid predicts that Blockchain may replace many traditional technologies, becoming one of the most important innovations of the modern digital era.

Baasid suggests that enterprises would leverage the popularity of blockchain to attempt and research more of its applications.

Baasid services include:

- idM – The best verification methods for your own

- Soteria – Data Security Storage

- Blockchain L2 Solutions – BaaSid solves the problem of the blockchain bottleneck

How to buy BAAS on Liquid

Currently, the available trading pair on Liquid is BAAS/USDT.


Baasid believes that Blockchain technology will change the structure of the Internet world in the future. Therefore, enterprises need to follow up the technique tendency to keep their competitive advantage.

Uninterrupted Security. From identity safety to information security.
BaaSid identity management service complies with a W3C international standard and combines with Blockchain technology storage application to protect personal information.

Blockchain Information Security CIA+1 is protecting every part of your information security.
BaaSid Soteria security storage application providing four major protection of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and non-repudiation of data security

No more problems while utilizing Blockchain technology! BaaSid solves it for you.
BaaSid Blockchain L2 Solutions are providing enterprises and developers the simplest data uploading service.

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