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Liquid is proud to announce another powerful project coming to our trading platform. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange. 

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency token issued by Brave Inc. It enables a decentralized payment system to reward Brave users for surfing specific websites. BAT sees more than 25 million monthly active users and over 9 million daily active users. According to CoinGecko, BAT is ranked #66 in terms of a market cap of $1.903 billion.

BAT is an  ERC20 token built on top of  Ethereum. It compensates Brave users for surfing websites with ads that don’t track users. Advertisers provide publishers with BATs based on the measured attention of users. Users also receive some BATs for participating. Users can donate BATs back to publishers to support creators or use them on the platform.

Official Website | Official Telegram | BAT Whitepaper

What are the use cases of Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Following are some of the primary use cases of BAT:

  1. Users can earn BATs for spending time on certain websites using Brave browser.
  2. Publishers and creators can earn BATs for creating digital content online.
  3. Brands can get maximum attention through ads that don’t track users.

In a nutshell, Basic Attention Token simply creates a Blockchain-based decentralized advertising system where user attention is anonymously monitored. Publishers are rewarded accordingly with BATs.

Where can you buy BAT?

BAT is now available to trade on Liquid exchange. Currently, the available trading pair is BAT/BTC.

Purchases for Visa and MasterCard (selected countries) and instant Swaps will be available soon; stay tuned!

Learn more about Basic Attention Token (BAT) via 


Effective 21st April 2021 3 pm JST (UTC +9)


Effective 21st April 2021 3 pm JST (UTC +9)Trade now


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