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New Listing: Berry Store (BERRY) Token

BERRY Token is now listed on Liquid and available for all users! 

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BERRY Token is now listed on Liquid and available for all users! 

What is BERRY Token? 

BERRY is the native token for Berry Store, an online marketplace to for celebrities' cherished items/goods and talents, such as wedding songs and meal tickets. Those items and talents are traded by a raffling and auctioning system. Fans can participate in the auction and raffle using BERRY tokens. Overseas fans who are enthusiastic about K-Pop do not need to exchange currency. They can purchase BERRY tokens on the exchange and conveniently participate in the content. In addition, Berry Store donates some of the proceeds generated from content to charity organizations on behalf of celebrities. The Berry Project links donation into business for the goal of creating "Funation." (Fun + Donation). After each transaction (raffle and auction), some of the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations under the name of sellers.

BERRY token is an in-app currency used for all content in the Berry Store platform. Examples of content in the Berry Store include celebrities’ cherished items, talents, and corporate sponsorship products. Users can spend BERRY tokens to win their favorite star's items and talents. Users also have a chance to earn BERRY tokens through various events and activities in the Berry Store app. BERRY tokens will be used in Berry Metaverse (a service where celebrities and fans meet in the virtual reality) and Berry NFT Marketplace in the near future.

Berry Token Usage:

  • Lucky Box
  • Auction
  • Sponsor
  • Donation
  • NFT
  • Metaverse

What is Berry Store? 

Berry Store has the goal of creating a global network platform for fandoms. On Berry Store, the celebrities and the companies are offering new high-value added items created by their influence to the fandoms, and they make automatic donations to charity organizations for good images. The fandoms (the users) satisfy their needs and boost their stars’ donations simultaneously, so that this application is built with a structure of virtuous cycle that helps many different associations in need.

BERRY Listing Details

Listing Date: March 25th, 2022 at 3 PM (JST). 

Listing pair: BERRY/USDT

From 25th of March, 2022 - 8th of April, 2022 we offer 0 fees for trading BERRY pairs on Liquid.

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