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New Listing: Bifrost (BiFi) Token

We're excited to announce that BiFi token (BiFi) is now available to trade on Liquid exchange. 
liquid x BiFi

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We're excited to announce that BiFi token (BiFi) is now available to trade on Liquid exchange. 

BiFi (BiFi Token) is the currency of BiFi platform, a multichain DeFi built on Bifrost. By using Lending, Pooling, and Staking services on the platform, you get rewarded in BiFi tokens and become stakeholders of the protocol.

About BiFi

Powered by Bifrost’s multichain technology, BiFi is the multichain DeFi project that will connect not only Ethereum but also other blockchains like Bitcoin, BNB, DOT, and Klaytn, thereby expanding the DeFi ecosystem currently limited to Ethereum. Through this multichain connectivity, BiFi will lower the gas fees, increase accessibility, and expand the ecosystem to enable more innovative financial products to more people.

Where can I buy BIFI? 

BIFI is now available to trade on Liquid exchange. Currently, the available trading pairs are BIFI/BTC, BIFI/USDT.

Purchases with Visa and MasterCard (selected countries) and instant Swaps will be available soon; stay tuned!

Learn more about BIFI via https://bifi.finance/


Effective 6th May 2021 3 pm JST (UTC +9)


Effective 6th May 2021 3 pm JST (UTC +9)

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