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BIFROST Token (BFC) is now listed on Liquid Exchange

What is BIFROST? BIFROST is the universal multichain middleware, enabling developers to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) on top of multiple protocols.

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What is BIFROST?

BIFROST is the universal multichain middleware, enabling developers to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) on top of multiple protocols.

Developers can write smart contracts for multiple mainnets in a single unified environment. They can simply select the target blockchain for each part of the code, then BIFROST will transpile, compile, and deploy the code to the target blockchains at once. For example, developer can choose Ethereum to save records, Klaytn to transact data, and Bitcoin to process payments.

BIFROST is not a blockchain, nor an exclusive platform. Rather, it is a universal language for blockchains, enabling interoperability. This empowers developers to combine multiple mainnets to achieve scalability impossible on a single blockchain. It also allows them to easily test and switch blockchains, allowing flexibility in development.

What is the use case for BFC?

BFC (BIFROST Token) is the currency of BIFROST's multichain ecosystem. DApps developed with BIFROST pay for transactions on their target blockchains with BFC. This fee is paid to the Container Managers. Containers, similar to node operators on mainnets, serves to verify information across particular sets of blockchains.

Where can I purchase BFC?

Liquid supports BFC/BTC and BFC/USDT trading pairs. For more information, visit theBifrost.io.

What will drive the value for BFC?

As more developers and projects use BIFROST, the demand and value of BFC will increase. To expand access to BIFROST and to offer more mainnet options to developers, BIFROST has established over 35+ global partners. Most notable partners include Neo, Matic, Terra, Nuls, Tomochain, Coti, Reef, and Marlin. The full list can be viewed on our website: https://thebifrost.io/partner.

What else should I know about BIFROST?

  • BIFROST DApp Suite — Multichain DApp Middleware: BIFROST offers everything that developers need to create, from programming languages and integrated development environment (ID) to automated testing and block scanners. Our white paper can be access on our website, theBifrost.io.
    • Recipe: A language application that defines the programming language of BIFROST and generates smart contract codes with guaranteed code-level flexibility. It is based on Solidity to increase accessibility.
    • Linker: A system that connects the user and Bifrost components, ensuring the seamless operation on top of multiple blockchains.
    • Builder: An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that offers a customized environment to use the comprehensive suite of features of Bifrost.
    • Gourmet: An automated testing environment for Bifrost service and smart contract development, updating with the latest technologies for blockchain.
    • Scan: A dashboard that provides you with a full view of the internal process of Bifrost and shows your blockchain interconnectivity in a diagram.
    • Bifrost Wallet: A multichain wallet that supports various tokens and coins from different blockchain networks.
  • BiFi — Multichain DeFi Project by BIFROST: The first DApp to be developed on BIFROST is BiFi (abbreviation of Bifrost Finance). Powered by BIFROST's multichain technology, BiFi connects directly to blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Klaytn, and even Bitcoin. It seeks to build the financial infrastructure that connects all the capital markets currently isolated to each blockchain — no wrapping, no bridges, no custodians.
  • BIFROST DeFi Suite — Multichain DeFi Middleware: With the development of BiFi, BIFROST is continuously evolving with new features tailored for DeFi development, including cross-chain transaction capacity, security modules, and cross-protocol functions. BIFROST DeFi Suite is slated to be released in late 2021.

Where can I learn more about BIFROST?

BIFROST: theBifrost.io

BiFi: BiFi.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BIFROSTio


Medium: https://medium.com/bifrost

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theBifrost.io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bifrost-technology-inc

GitHub: https://github.com/bifrost-platform
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