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New listing: CAPS Token

We are happy to announce that the CAPS token is now available on Liquid.
Buy CAPS token on Liquid

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We are happy to announce that the CAPS token is now available on Liquid.

About Ternoa

Ternoa is the augmented NFT blockchain. It encrypts NFTs, adding extra security and the ability to store data within an NFT for the long-term. The technology also adds the option of sending protocols and other actions, meaning a user can send an NFT with private data within to whomever, whenever they please, even after their death.

The augmented NFTs can be used to create an unlimited amount of DApps for personal use, real-world businesses, games, crypto, metaverse/VR oriented use cases, and more. Even celebrities or artists can create a Ternoa NFT, adding exclusive songs or art within and then selling it to their fans.

The Ternoa blockchain is powered by Polkadot and built off of Substrate Framework. Having started 1 year ago, they are currently on testnet and have a beta version of the Ternoa Wallet application, as well as a few DApps available. Mainnet will launch in early 2022.

Ternoa’s Native Token: $CAPS

$CAPS, originally an ERC20 token, was listed on Gate.io and Uniswap on May 28th of this year, at a price of $0.014 per token. Since then, the token has been listed on PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Beefy, Zapper, Just Mining, and AscendEX. There are numerous $CAPS rewards programs available as well, including liquidity pools, farming, staking and more on Pancakeswap, Raydium, Uniswap, Apeswap, Alpaca Finance, Ascendex, and Cropper Finance. There are currently over 6,000 token holders, and 170+ million $CAPS stacked.

The $CAPS main utility is intended to serve as the key to our blockchain governance, allowing us to create time capsules/SecretNFTs and keep the Ternoa universe running smoothly. It's also a commodity, with a set amount of 2.5 billion tokens available for purchase. Every time an NFT is created, it necessitates the use of 10 CAPS. Considering that it has already minted 100,000 NFTs on our testnet in just two months, thousands of NFTs will be issued on our mainnet each and every day, all while using CAPS!

CAPS Listing Details

Listing Date: December 16th, 2021 at 3 PM (JST).

Listing pair: CAPS/USDT.

From 16th of December, 2021 - 30th of December, 2021 we offer 0 fees for trading CAPS pairs on Liquid. 

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