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We are excited to announce that $DAG is now listed on Liquid!

About $DAG and Constellation Network

Constellation Network is an open-source, user-friendly platform that can create a blockchain, cryptocurrency, or decentralized application. It includes a complete set of developer tools that easily create tokens and applications with robust business logic and economic incentives. 

$DAG is a utility token and the native cryptocurrency that runs on the Constellation Network. Its tokenomics are based on economic efficiencies applying generative calculus where a global system of no-arbitrage economies can be formed out of consensus protocols. Read the full Tokenomics paper here

The Hypergraph is the first L_0 protocol that can connect to any L_1 blockchain or data source. $DAG provides seamless interoperability between these ecosystems and between the various state channels, nodes, and L_0 tokens and businesses on the Hypergraph itself. 

Holders of $DAG can participate in the growth of the network and support its increased bandwidth in various ways, and benefit by doing so:

  • Use $DAG to run a node on Constellation’s Hypergraph Protocol to validate data and transactions and receive validator rewards of $DAG.
  • Staking $DAG on Lattice Exchange, also powered by Constellation’s HGTP, secures network utility and enables cross-chain liquidity between other ecosystems.
  • Provide liquidity for other L_0 projects launching state channels on the network, such as Alkimi Exchange, which builds the first decentralized ad exchange. Staking $DAG on Lattice also ensures sufficient bandwidth to support real-time bidding (RTB) trading of digital ad impressions for Alkimi Exchange.

In short, the more state channels that launch on the network, the more utility the $DAG token will have, and the more scarce $DAG will become.

Problems and Solutions

The growing digital economy produces exponential amounts of data, which needs to be processed and transferred securely. However, there are certain problems associated with traditional cloud-based infrastructure, including high operational costs and compromised security.

$DAG provides a more secure, cost-effective way for a company to transfer data than traditional infrastructure. $DAG reduces operational costs and increases the amount of data a company can send at any given time. Essentially, when sending or receiving data using $DAG, the cost to the company becomes negligible compared to traditional cloud-based infrastructure. 

Network security is tamper-proof, meaning that the data being transferred by the company is secure. These features reduce risk, cost, and friction for traders, giving them control over their digital assets while increasing transparency. 

$DAG also overcomes limitations with existing blockchain technologies, which do not have the speed and scalability needed to build applications with robust business logic. $DAG presents new possibilities for businesses to leverage the power of Hypergraph while also offering economic incentives through the provision of rewards - a true evolution of the capabilities of digital currency.

$DAG is suitable for:

  • Token purchasers and holders who have purchased $DAG are trading and/or sending $DAG as a peer-to-peer currency between their wallets.
  • Individuals and organizations who want to create unique businesses and tokens with programmatic, automated, and immutable business logic, and economic incentives
  • Traders looking for tools and analytics to increase their transparency and performance
  • Node validators who receive $DAG as a reward for participating in Hypergraph
  • Traders and liquidity providers looking for extremely low fees

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