Liquid now accepts credit and debit cards

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Buying cryptocurrency should be easy.

Whether you want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP or any other digital asset, the process ought to be simple.

Nobody wants to have to jump through hoops.

That’s why we have introduced credit and debit card deposits so you can add fiat to your account to buy cryptocurrency.

Our trusted partner, Simplex, helps us provide a fraud-free card-payment processing solution that means you can get money into your account using your Visa or Mastercard usually in less than five minutes.

We’re making it possible to buy cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card.

As a Liquid user, you can use your credit or debit card to fund your account with Euros and, in the near future, USD and JPY.

Later, we will expand on this feature to give you even more options with your credit or debit card.

Card deposits increase flexibility and help you enter the market whenever you need.

You can buy Bitcoin with a credit card if the market is calling, buy Ethereum with your debit card if you think the time is right or use your funds to diversify your portfolio.

Adding credit card deposits takes us one step closer to opening up cryptocurrency to the masses. Our vision is to democratize finance and help as many people as possible get a piece of crypto.

Once you have a Liquid account you can deposit fiat straight from your card. Then after your account is funded, you are free to explore all that Liquid has to offer:

  • Buy and sell dozens of cryptocurrencies.
  • Margin trade with with up to 25x leverage.
  • Lend your assets and earn interest
  • Take part in token sales

Whatever you need, Liquid has a solution for you.

If you have Euros in your account, you can immediately buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Electroneum, DASH, QASH, RKT, and QTUM.

Against USD we offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, QASH, BCH, NEO, ONT, DASH, RKT and QTUM.

And of course, once you have Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can then buy any of the more than 100 cryptocurrencies we offer on Liquid.

All verified Liquid users can deposit up to 20,000 USD daily and up to 50,000 USD a month. The minimum deposit amount per transaction is 50 USDe. 

There is a 5% fee to deposit from a credit or debit card, added to the amount you request to deposit, while the minimum card deposit fee is 10 Euros.

For example, if you deposit 1,000 EUR to Liquid, you will receive 950 EUR in your Liquid wallet. 50 EUR in fees will be deducted.

For more information, read the card deposits FAQ for Liquid.

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