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New Listing: CertiK (CTK) Token

Liquid is proud to announce a next-generation, security-first project coming to our trading platform. CertiK (CTK) is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange.
Certik is listed on liquid exchange

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Liquid is proud to announce a next-generation, security-first project coming to our trading platform. CertiK (CTK) is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange.

What is CertiK (CTK)?

CTK is the native fuel of the CertiK Chain’s security-first ecosystem. CertiK Chain is a cross-chain, delegated proof-of-stake blockchain that aims to provide the infrastructure for decentralized applications to interact with provable security.

What are the use cases of CertiK (CTK)?

CTK has a variety of use cases, from being used as gas for smart contracts, staking for PoS consensus, rewards for participating in the Security Oracle network, collateral and reimbursements through CertiKShield, as well as voting by decentralized governance.

With CTK, holders can earn yield and enable insurance-like coverage through CertiKShield, whilst being able to transact freely, transparently, and in a cost-effective manner on the CertiK Chain.

What are the advantages of CertiK Chain?

CertiK Chain’s ecosystem is compostable into cross-chain assets to strengthen security across networks.

Security Oracles

Built on CertiK Chain, the Security Oracles establish a decentralized bridge between on-chain transactions and real-time security checks, providing up-to-date security scores to measure the risk of each contract. These security scores are available on-chain and compatible across protocols, enabling detailed security expertise to integrate into smart contracts of any protocol.


This alternative to insurance provides a decentralized, on-chain pool of funds for reimbursing lost or stolen assets. The CertiKShield economy enables crypto holders to obtain protections by distributing purchase fees to CTK stakers who provide their assets as collateral. By utilizing security insights from the Security Oracles, smart contract risks can be more transparent for all parties involved.

The Security Oracle and CertiKShield are publicly available on the Security Leaderboard at certik.org.

Where can I purchase CTK?

CTK is now available for trading on Liquid exchange. The available trading pairs are CTK/BTC and CTK/USD.

Where can I learn more about CertiK?

You can keep up to date with all of our major announcements on our social channels:

🌐 Security Leaderboard for detailed security scoring: https://certik.org

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/certikorg

💻 Github: https://github.com/CertiKProject

📚 Medium: https://medium.com/certik

✉️ Telegram: https://t.me/certikfoundation

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