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New Listing: Human.ai ($HEART) Token

$HEART token is now listed on Liquid and available for all users! 

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$HEART token is now listed on Liquid and available for all users! 

What is $HEART Token? 

As the native token of the HUMANS.ai ecosystem, the $HEART token empowers anybody to participate in the governance of the platform and facilitates key flows of value within it. All fees charged by the HUMANS platform will be paid in $HEART, even when payment originates in fiat or another accepted cryptocurrency.

One of the primary functions of $HEART is to facilitate staking. Staking $HEART is required to perform key functions within the HUMANS ecosystem, including:

  • Minting NFTs
  • Pairing with $HEART for price discovery & liquidity
  • Account Validation
  • Creating apps
  • Adding AIs to the Humans Studio

Additionally, $HEART will serve as the default incentive as various stakeholders contribute key
value into the ecosystem. These incentives include rewards for:

  • Creating an AI developer account 
  • Account validation (KYC)
  • Providing Proof of Human
  • Uploading Technology
  • Participating in governance.

While the NFTs represent the ownership over the digital asset itself, the ERC20 tokens represent the rights to govern the NFT and the rights to any $HEART revenues it may generate. Importantly, these governance rights and rights to revenue may be represented by two separate ERC20 tokens, both linked to the original NFT.

Governance related tokens will be distributed across all the parties who (or whose data) contributed to the creation of an NFT. Revenue related tokens may be distributed differently, as decided by the Governance token holders. Any revenues generated will be allocated proportionally according to the distribution of these tokens.

Users may create a Uniswap like liquidity pool in order to pair their ERC20 tokens with $HEART.
This requires staking an amount of $HEART against an equivalent amount of ERC20 tokens. A
smart contract automatically facilitates purchases into and liquidations out of the ERC20 token
and updates the exchange price in real time, allowing for price discovery between the two

What is Human.ai? 

HUMANS is a next generation blockchain platform that brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. It combines a library of AI tools into a creative studio suite where users will be able to pick and choose as they bring their ideas to life. Individuals are empowered to create and own their digital likenesses, which may be used by themselves and others in the creation of any number of digital assets. The synthetic media, AI apps, and other digital assets utilize blockchain technology to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a way of creating transparency, accountability, and long term governance.

For more information about Human.ai, click on this link here.

$HEART Listing Details

Listing Date: April 15th, 2022 at 3 PM (JST). 

Listing pair: HEART/USDT

From 15th of April, 2022 - 29th of April, 2022 we offer 0 fees for trading $HEART pairs on Liquid.

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