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New Listing: Lattice (LTX) token

We are excited to announce that Lattice Exchange will be listing $LTX on Liquid.
Lattice is listing their native coin LTX token on Liquid exchange

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We are excited to announce that Lattice Exchange will be listing $LTX on Liquid.

Lattice Exchange is a one-stop-shop decentralized finance (DeFi) platform including cross-chain swapping, lending, DeFi governance, and a token launchpad. Lattice is an evolution of existing DeFi solutions that offers near-zero swap fees while enabling cross-chain support by being built on Constellation Network’s scalable protocol, Hypergraph. Our vision is to be the gateway for global liquidity and to unlock digital asset services by combining the features of traditional equities and modern cryptocurrencies with speed, security, and cost savings at the forefront. 

Holders of $LTX can participate in the growth of the platform through governance, the backing of projects listed on the Lattice Launchpad, and fee-sharing generated from activity. As its usage increases, the supply of $LTX will shrink.

Problems and solutions

The DeFi ecosystem saw tremendous growth since the beginning of 2020, resulting in three major problems based on the existing blockchain infrastructure:

  • Extremely high network fees which we saw over the past 12 months on the Ethereum network, where 90% of all DeFi activity takes place
  • Multiple ecosystems which are disconnected from and running alongside each other rather than working together and sharing their liquidity
  • A vast amount of DeFi applications solving similar problems which DeFi Users can choose from

Lattice Exchange is solving these issues by leveraging the Hypergraph, Constellation’s feeless network, to reduce risk, cost, and friction for traders, giving them control over their digital assets while increasing transparency and offering near-zero fee atomic cross-chain swaps. 

The Hypergraph is horizontally scalable and the first L_0 layer which can connect to any L_1 blockchain or data source providing seamless interoperability and creating the first global liquidity pool.

Furthermore, Lattice Exchange will incorporate the most used DeFi applications, from Analytics over LaunchPad and Lending to Yield farming, in one place. These applications will be ready to use with just a few simple clicks.

Lattice will be the one-stop-shop for DeFi solutions, suitable for: 

  • Traders and liquidity providers looking for extremely low fees and cross-chain swaps
  • DeFi users looking for yield farming opportunities 
  • Projects looking for funding in the Lattice LaunchPad 
  • Collateralized crypto assets for USD loans
  • Traders looking for tools and analytics to increase their transparency and performance
  • Those looking to improve their knowledge while getting rewarded via the Crypto Academy 

Interested in learning more about Lattice Exchange?

Website: https://lattice.exchange/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LatticeExchange 

Medium: https://latticeexchange.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/Lattice_exchange 

Where can you buy LTX?

LTX is now available to trade on Liquid

Trading pairs: LTX/BTC, LTX/USDT.

Deposit start: June 21st, 2021
Trading start: June 24st, 2021

Trade now

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