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We are thrilled to announce MetaverseSociety is listing its native $MARX token on Liquid cryptocurrency exchange.

About MarX

MarX is a Korean-based project and it aims to capture the market of NFT and DeFi which is now fiercely expanding.

MarX Project ultimately aims to remove the unfair intermediate capital structure and build an ecosystem where there is direct trade between the two parties. The two parties in this ecosystem would be the value generators and value customers in a completed DeFi-NFT platform. It is fair to say that MetaverseSociety is not the first one to come up with such an idea. Many have thought of a similar approach before and similar projects entered the cryptocurrency market. But all of them failed to form a business ecosystem.

To avoid this limitation, MarX began with the fundamental structure that can take in changes through technological evolution. The project involves authentic partners who are already established in their respective fields.

The fund for the creation and completion of such a healthy and virtuous ecosystem comes as a donation from International Cultural Exchange Foundation. This international organization has been conducting donations for numerous projects for a long time. In addition to this, other contributors include Seoul 13, conducted by art researchers and HappyDog which is a pet-related cable broadcasting done abroad. Both contributions have increased the stability and expectations.

MarX has already completed the beta version of its project for marketplaces that deal with art trade and it will be released soon. For this, it has deployed the DeFi-NFT platform. The recent boom in Bitcoin prices and IPO of Coinbase Global, Inc. (Coin) added Fuel to the Defi-NFT Market. 

It is what makes the digital asset to be unique and therefore distinguishable and interchangeable. Due to the recent controversies, MarX has chosen the MRC base instead of the ERC base.

The project team defined this change on the basis that ERC is constrained by brokerage fees and it also is prone to technologies that aim to take away the uniqueness of commodities thus separating the rights and copyrights from the creators. The MRC400 and MRC401 are immune to those and they also reduce brokerage fees.

This initiative is doing well in the Korean NFT market. The country being a place of admired art and lifestyle is booming in the NFT industry and the project has leveraged just that.

Where can you buy MARX?

NDAU is now available to trade on Liquid. Currently, the available trading pair is MARX/USDT.

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