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New Listing: Metal MTL token

Metal (MTL) is now available on Liquid!
Buy Metal MLT token on Liquid

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Metal (MTL) is now available on Liquid!

The team at Metallicus is excited to bring their Metal token (MTL) to Liquid users around the world. Liquid is now the 22nd exchange to add MTL to its roster, marking an early point in the adoption of MTL and providing Liquid users with access to a cryptocurrency that the rest of the world hasn’t learned about yet.

About Metal (MTL)

Metal (MTL) is the native cryptocurrency for the Metallicus ecosystem and is primarily used within the Metal Pay app. Metal Pay is a payments app that allows users to send and receive cash or cryptocurrency and buy or sell cryptocurrency with cash or other crypto trading pairs. Trading fees are drastically slashed for users that hold MTL in their wallets on Metal Pay, with 0% trades for all available cryptocurrencies becoming unlocked once a user holds a certain amount of MTL.

Additionally, MTL can be used within the Proton ecosystem by wrapping MTL in Proton (becoming XMT). Once wrapped, it can be added to a liquidity pool, allowing the user to earn passive income in the form of yield farming. Taken together, the MTL token provides users with a way to save money, make cheaper trades, and earn cryptocurrency without additional work.

The Vision of Metallicus

Dedicated to bridging the divide between TradFi and DeFi, Metallicus is approaching the cryptocurrency industry with an eye for harmony. They have quickly established a reputation for themselves as being a highly cooperative company, seeking out ways to partner with other industry giants, regulators, and everyone in between.

With much of their work focusing on the Proton blockchain, a growing DeFi ecosystem with zero gas fees, instant swaps, NFT capabilities, and opportunities for passive income, Metallicus is focused on accelerating the pace at which businesses and investors can use cryptocurrency in everyday life. Metal (MTL) has remained a core focus of their vision, and they are continually seeking out new use cases for their long-standing token in everything that they are building.

MTL and Liquid

Now that MTL is listed on Liquid, more people than ever before have access to this unique token that’s meant to make cryptocurrency more productive and affordable. Metal is available on Liquid as the MTL/USDT and MTL/BTC trading pairs. 

Still wanting to know more about Metal, or what they’re building at Metallicus? Follow them on social media to stay up to date on their latest news and announcements. Additionally, be sure to check out their blog for their deep dives into different parts of their ecosystem.

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