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New Listing: NDAU token

We are excited to announce that NDAU, a new category of digital asset optimized for a long-term store of value with staking income, is listing its native $NDAU token on Liquid cryptocurrency exchange. 
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We are excited to announce that NDAU, a new category of digital asset optimized for a long-term store of value with staking income, is listing its native $NDAU token on Liquid cryptocurrency exchange

About NDAU

The need for a better store of value is one the institutional investors have recognized. 

Many are in search of alternatives to major currencies that have a more conservative approach to price and valuation already built into the network itself. One that is optimized for a long-term store of value.

NDAU is an adaptive digital currency that satisfies this requirement with the added benefits of high yields on its staking program as well as important security features.

Director at NDAU development team Oneiro, Rob Frasca, explained how the network is able to maintain a stable price without the need for a fiat peg thanks to its monetary policy. 

“Now, this is a very unique property about NDAU. All that capital that comes in through the issuance, that’s seigniorage… Here, all the seigniorage, all that money, that capital that's used to issue the currency goes into an endowment. That endowment is used to support the currency and support the monetary policy. 

This is very important. It's not pegged to the endowment. It's not a stablecoin. The endowment is used with one operator and it's called the floor price… If NDAU reaches that floor price the endowment is then used to buy the currency, and when it buys the currency, it burns it. That effectively raises the floor price for everybody that's still left holding. It's rewarding long-term holders.”

NDAU use cases

As a Proof of Stake network, NDAU is also able to solve the latent scalability issues in major networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. More so, it does so by offering one of the most rewarding and convenient staking programs in the market.

The Economic Alignment Incentive (EAI) gives holders up to 15% in annual returns when locked over a period of three years. Contrary to other staking programs, NDAU does this without the need for any third-party custody. EAIs are distributed directly to holders’ wallets, making it an easier-to-use option to yield farming applications and aggregators that are popular in the DeFi space.

The wallets themselves are another use case that is solved by the network. NDAU offers on-chain multi-signature on these wallets, which requires transactions to be signed by multiple parties before their approval. This feature is a boon to institutional investors and other users who need this added layer of protection against all kinds of attacks.

In addition to this, the network also implements a dynamic recourse period that allows users to prevent fraudulent activity by letting them decide on a window of time for when a transaction remains “pending.”

These stability and security features have made NDAU appealing to retail and institutional investors alike. The adaptive currency was recently listed on Liquid, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges among Asian traders.

It also received an additional $1 million investment by Investview (“INVU”) as more and more institutional investors warm up to the fact that these assets are here to stay. A fact that is especially true for NDAU which is able to capture the value in the overall growth of the space while retaining it during downturns.

Where can you buy NDAU?

NDAU is now available to trade on Liquid. Currently, the available trading pair is NDAU/USDT.

Trade now

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