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Genie NFT Sweeper Will Change The Way You Token Shop

Buying NFTs in a bundle can also save a lot of gas fees. Each transaction on a regular platform would incur separate fees. Using the Genie NFT sweeper users only have to pay the gas fee for one transaction.
Buy NFT cheap gas fees with Genie Sweep

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Buying NFTs in a bundle can also save a lot of gas fees. Each transaction on a regular platform would incur separate fees. Using the Genie NFT sweeper users only have to pay the gas fee for one transaction.

We live in a time where things get done with a single mouse click and attention span is scarcer than most precious metals. Shopping is now much faster online - you can even try out your clothes through 3D AR applications even though that’s a separate topic altogether. 

To think we could even attempt to make that any easier is just crazy. But we were wrong because apparently buying three things from three different platforms simply couldn’t compete with buying them all on one platform.

Genie is a tool that all NFT mega hunters have been waiting for. It allows users to buy NFTs from across all marketplaces. This is sort of like the Amazon Prime of NFTs minus the drones.

Genie NFT marketplace aggregator is what they call it and it expedites the shopping process as well as the transaction. You can search for the most popular selections from all platforms and purchase them in bundles (given that you have a massive fund of Ethereum.)

The Genie Swap Experience

As a Genie NFT buyer, you can browse through all indexed NFT collections from the most prominent platforms, including Rarible and OpenSeas. 

Smaller marketplaces will also have their products searchable on Genie as long as they have an official collection from a verified NFT artist.

When you see a nice-looking NFT, select the token to include it in your list. This is the equivalent of the Add to Cart feature. There’s no limit to the number of NFTs you can buy at a time, but Genie does recommend a maximum of 20 tokens.

The Genie NFT marketplace benefits users in two ways: fast sniping and gas fees.

Many NFT collections are sold through auctions and the pieces that stand alone don’t usually stay up for too long if the collection is popular. Instead of jumping from page to page to look for it, you can use Genie NFT buy to grab them all at once.

Buying NFTs in a bundle can also save a lot of gas fees. For each transaction on a regular platform would incur separate fees. Using the Genie NFT sweeper users only have to pay the gas fee for one transaction.

NFTs used to be mainly about art, but the current reality is they’ve become commodities for quick profits. There are more crypto holders investing in flipping NFTs now than ever, so having the ability to make this even slightly more painless will do wonders.

Genie supports all transactions via ERC-721 smart contract. A majority of NFTs are processed with this contract and the platforms that utilize it include OpenSeas, Rarible, NFTX and NFT20. Some marketplace, like OpenSea, will have its own smart contract protocol for certain NFTs, and in which case, it would not be supported by Genie.

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Users can also list their own NFTs on Genie. In this space, only marketplaces are available, which are Rarible and OpenSeas. However, you can supposedly list them at a slightly higher price if your tokens aren’t already listed on either of these places.

Buying on Genie Swap

To purchase an NFT on genie, go to the site and select Swap.

Like any other cryptocurrency platform, you need to connect your wallet. Genie is currently supporting four wallets, including Metamask, Walletconnect, Fortmatic, and WalletLink.

Once you’ve connected a wallet, go back and click on Browse. This will open a window with a search bar where you can find your favorite collection and start adding tokens to your list.

We selected the Azuki collection and added two NFTs to our shopping cart. The total price will display at the bottom as you populate your list.

Select as many tokens as you like and once you’re ready, it will be through a single transaction. A typical NFT mega flipper would have statements looking like this

If this scares you then maybe you’re still a ways from becoming the next biggest NFT trading mogul. However, it shouldn’t stop you from selling NFTs on Genie.

Selling on Genie List

To sell an NFT go to Genie and select List.

From here, there are several steps before seeing your tokens on the market.

First, you need to transfer your NFT to the wallet connected to Genie. Usually, to do this you’d need to have a minted NFT on either Rarible or OpenSea (since they are the only supported platforms.)

If the NFT you’re trying to transfer is already listed for sale on OpenSea or Rarible, you won’t be able to list it again on Genie. So, make sure you cancel all ongoing sales before transferring as it would cost some money to do so.

Also, make sure you use the same wallet connected to OpenSeas as this would make it easier to find your collection.

Genie would automatically detect what you already have on OpenSeas or Rarible.

Second, choose the NFT you wish to list from the collection you selected. You can choose multiple tokens as well and list them for free.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Genie NFT marketplace uses Ethereum only so all the tokens you see are listed in ETH. You won’t find tokens, which are listed in other crypto on the platform. However, artists could choose to relist their NFTs on Genie in ETH if they otherwise did not, so keep an eye out for that.

Do not edit gas fees as it would interfere with the transaction and sometimes result in failure.

You still need to pay royalty fees and NFT marketplace fees when listing your products. These will come from either OpenSeas or Rarible. The biggest perk here is you’d save the $60 - $70 or so initial listing fees.

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