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New Listing: Numbers Protocol (NUM) Token

NUM token is now listed on Liquid and available for all users! 

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NUM token is now listed on Liquid and available for all users! 

What is NUM Token? 

NUM is the native token for Numbers Protocol, a decentralized photo network for Web 3.0. Numbers Protocol aims to bring integrity and authenticity to the digital content space by creating a decentralized photo network where assets are both traceable and verifiable through its innovative Capture, Seal, Trace process.

Holders of NUM token can buy, gift, register copyright and perform more actions for their images and videos. Holders can also choose to stake or participate in liquidity farming to get more NUMs.

What is Numbers Protocol? 

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving images and videos in the Numbers network. These include:

  • Capture app: The first blockchain camera in the world that users can easily register photos and use Web 3.0 applications.
  • Seal API: Developers and enterprises can implement Numbers API to register photos and access their Web3.0 addresses and certificates.
  • Certificates: content authenticity certificates with on-chain provenance
  • CaptureClub marketplace: Native NFT marketplace which allows photo generators to sell and stake their creations.
  • NFT Search Engine: The first Web 3.0 NFT search engine that helps users verify the history of NFTs and prevent potential NFT fraud.

Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us. The goal of Numbers is to tokenize authentic photos (including images and videos) to create a decentralized photo network in Web 3.0. In order to fully realize this goal, we are introducing a Deflationary Token & Asset Economy — a system executed on a quarterly basis to determine service fees and calculate the number of tokens to be bought back and burned.

NUM Listing Details

Listing Date: April 1st, 2022 at 3 PM (JST). 

Listing pair: NUM/USDT

From 1st of April, 2022 - 15th of April, 2022 we offer 0 fees for trading NUM pairs on Liquid.

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