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New Listing: REDI Token

REDI Token is now available on Liquid!

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REDI Token is now available on Liquid!

REDI infranet: a renewable energy data marketplace based on blockchain

REDi infranet is a decentralized energy data marketplace for the exchange of data between various stakeholders in the energy industry, with the aim to improve and optimize the efficiency and productivity of renewable energy. Data consolidated through the decentralized manner can be accessed by users for various platform-based services such as solar PV plant diagnostics, location-based maintenance services, and energy production forecasting based on regional and historical data. To that effect, through data-driven solutions for the renewable industry, REDi aims to provide greater public access to clean energy, revolutionizing the way we produce, utilize and gain revenue from clean energy.

Solar energy: the dominant renewable energy source

Driven by technological advances and falling production costs, global investments in solar power have even recently exceeded those of coal and gas combined. In countries like South Korea, government subsidies have accelerated the mass adoption of solar power installations for both residential and commercial use, where it is now easier and cheaper to install and sell renewable energy. Recent regulatory reforms have even more widened the stakeholder access to the renewables market, in line with the greater demand from conglomerates and private companies adopting more sustainability-focused business strategies. With greater demand for RE and diversification of stakeholder participation in the market, we expect the transition towards a decentralized energy market to become even more prominent.

Energy data, blockchain, and REDi token:

REDi infranet collects data from solar power plants, then verifies and consolidates the data for its access by ecosystem users. Such consolidated resources can thus be purchased and accessed for the use in various derivative services such as statiscal analysis and diagnosis. Whereas current services in the solar industry are heavily offline-based, REDi infranet will provide an online platform for various stakeholders to co-exist upon a unified decentralized ecosystem to share services and information critical to their business and optimal solar asset management.

Other notable facts:

1) Awards & accolades: The REDI project was selected by two of Korea’s leading project incubator programs, backed by Korea’s leading financial institutions, one of which subsequently led to a formal MOU and investment, while additional contracts were signed to provide AI-based solar power plant analytic tools. Recent R&D into blockchain-based DID for solar power plants earned several coveted accolades, including the runner-up place at the prestigious EDACOM 2021, hosted by Korea’s state-owned utility, KEPCO.

2) Klaytn ecosystem partner: REDi is one of the first initial service partner of Klaytn, public blockchain ecosystem by Korea’s tech giant KAKAO Corp. Recently, REDi achieved as selected finalists in the 2021 Jeju Blockchain Business Camp, hosted by the Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (CCEI) and GroundX, a blockchain subsidiary of KAKAO Corp.  

3) Unique energy-blockchain project: As the sole project focusing in the energy sector within the Klaytn ecosystem, not only is REDI consistently ranked in the top tier by various rankings, but  also among the select few globally who have successfully incorporated blockchain into the renewable energy sector. With in-depth expertise in the renewable energy sector, as well as diverse partnerships among leading firms in energy and close ties with leading financial and public sectors, REDI will steadily and formidably accelerate the digital transformation of renewable energy. 

REDI Listing Details

Listing Date: October 13th, 2021 at 3 PM (JST)

Trading Pairs: REDI/BTC, REDI/USDT

From 13th of October, 2021 - 27th of October, 2021 we offer 0 fees for trading REDI pairs on Liquid. 

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