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We are excited to announce SOMESING (SSX), the world’s 1st blockchain-based social karaoke service, is listing its native SSX token on Liquid cryptocurrency exchange. The SSX token is being launched in two trading pairs, SSX/USDT and SSX/BTC.


SOMESING is the world’s first blockchain-based karaoke app. Anyone can sing and listen to songs with high-quality sound freely anytime, anywhere in the world. This fun entertainment service was developed by a bunch of 10+ years of veterans in each related field. A CEO had operated a karaoke app for 5+years centered before the app launched its blockchain version.

More than 40K songs are available in K-POP, J-POP, and English POP with user-centered sync, volume, various sound effects control, and video recording features.


  • Create user-optimized content! – real-time sync control, studio-level high sound quality, various sound effect control, solo/duet, and various video filters
  • Sing your favorite songs & share them with the world! – manage followers, comment, hash-tag, and promote freely
  • Get rewards for your valuable content! – collect SSX (SOMESING Tokens), support your fans by SSX, and receive accumulated tokens in your wallet via blockchain technology
  • Enjoy exclusive events for SOMESING users! – participate in a special promotion, audition, and more to be a SOMESING superstar.

This portable entertainment provides all users with a fair and transparent reward system by utilizing blockchain. Users share contents on the platform and fans show support and likes by sponsoring “SSX tokens.”

Why Blockchain?

SOMESING has been aiming for a virtuous cycle ecosystem in which all users can be creators and fans through SOMESING’s blockchain token economy. However, SOMESING confronted several karaoke application limitations as below.

  • Paid service resulting in poor user retention and service growth.
  • Absences of a fair and transparent reward system for content actively consumed on the platform.

With blockchain technology, SOMESING strives to create sustainable services where SOMESING’s token economy allows users to sing for free and enjoy listening to all content shared on the platform so that they can receive transparent rewards by SSX tokens.

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* Key Data (as of Mar 31, 2021)
1) Download: 700K+
2) Registered Users: 400K+
3) DAU: 24K+ on average
4) Daily no. of songs sung by users: 15K+
5) Daily saved songs in users’ private folders: 5K+
6) Daily posted songs on the platform: 2K+
7) Total no. of transactions on the blockchain to date: 6.7M+ (

* Note
1) SOMESING’s official version on mainnet was released on 19 November 2019
2) Currently based on Klaytn blockchain mainnet for Korean and global market
3) LINE Blockchain version is to be launched independently to target the Japanese market within the 1st half of 2021.

Download the app: (iOS & Android)

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