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New Listing: SYL token

We are thrilled to announce that SYL token is now available on Liquid!
Buy SYL token on Liquid

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We are thrilled to announce that SYL token is now available on Liquid!

About SYL and XSL Labs

XSL Labs is developing a dApp ecosystem around the SDI to deliver identity authentication and personal data protection solutions to users and businesses.

The Secure Decentralized Identifier (or SDI) allows users to take back control over the diffusion of their personal data. Right now, the problem is that you give away so much personal data to big tech companies like Facebook or Google (there is no way to escape them) and they use it for their own profit. At the same time, there is a real need for reliable online identity authentication due to issues of cat-fishing, fake profiles, and others… People and businesses need to be sure that the person that they are interacting with online is really who he says he is.

With the SDI, personal data is verified through Verifiable Credentials. The SYL will be used to create Verifiable Credentials as well as for transactions between SDI subjects and VC issuers, for peer-to-peer transactions, to purchase services in SYL Library of dApps, and to monetize personal data through Cortex (a data monetization dApp).

To manage your SDI, XSL Labs is currently developing a dApp called ONE. Our aim is to nurture a whole ecosystem of dApps around the use of the SDI to offer a secure and trustworthy Internet experience.

SYL Listing Details

Listing Date: December 1st, 2021 at 3 PM (JST).

Listing pairs: SYL/USDT and SYL/BTC.

From 1st of December, 2021 - 15th of December, 2021 we offer 0 fees for trading SYL pairs on Liquid. 

Trade now

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