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New Listing: Tokamak TON token

We are excited to announce that TON is now listed on Liquid!
We are excited to announce that TON is now listed on Liquid!

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We are excited to announce that TON is now listed on Liquid!

Date and time: 14 August 2021 15:00 JST.

Trading pairs: TON/USDT.

About TON and Tokamak Network

On-demand Ethereum Layer 2 platform ‘Tokamak Network’ is a blockchain-building platform that provides a very high level of scalability while ensuring the same level of decentralization and safety as Ethereum. It is easy to build customized blockchain through layer 2 solutions (plasma EVM, zk-rollup, optimistic rollup, etc.) developed to satisfy the needs of each decentralized application.

Recently, The first testnet of Tokamak Optimism ‘Gabriel’ has been distributed. Gabriel supports smart contracts in Layer 2 based on the Optimism rollup and is characterized by having an EVM-compatible execution environment. It was prepared based on the rinkeby testnet, and please refer to the link below for development documents, contracts, and more. In the future, we plan to open additional versions of the testnet with several improvements such as enhanced user environments and more.

For the first time in Korea, we won the top prize for Plasma EVM(Tokamak Network) at Ethereum Foundation Grants Program. Vitalik said, “First I want to thank Onther.Inc who has produced some really interesting new ideas in their Plasma EVM scalability solution. At first I wanted to say that when I listened to their presentation at the Seoul Ethereum meetup, I was very impressed with the specific design that they made is one that even our own plasma researchers never thought about yet. So I thought that it is just one example of really great work coming out of Korea.” Recently Vitalik left positive feedback for our research. Optimistic Rollup is Not Secure Enough Than You Think — Game Theoretic Approach for More Verifiable Rollup

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