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We are excited to announce that $TRYB is now available to trade on Liquid exchange.

About $TRYB

BiLira (TRYB), the first blockchain-based Turkish stablecoin, was developed in April 2019 to ensure that everyone has equal rights in the financial world of the future and can connect with decentralized finance assets.

BiLira aims to bridge the gap between web 2.0 (monetized by fiat) and web 3.0 (fueled by crypto assets), to offer a convenient on-ramp and off-ramp solution for crypto traders to combat high volatility and to support the future applications of decentralized finance. Read the full Whitepaper here.

BiLira team is actively trying to improve the Turkish crypto ecosystem with notable partners including Avalanche, Ethereum, LunaDAO.

TRYB is currently live on Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Algorand, and Solana, network, as well as numerous DeFi platforms including, UniSwap, PancakeSwap, DFX, 1inch, Pangolin.

Problem & Solution

The legacy financial system is dependent on private organizations and third party services which makes it challenging for individuals to connect to the open internet and transact with one another. The current infrastructure does not support a transition from Web 2.0 banking system to the Web 3.0 crypto-based native web currencies. Since mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are volatile, the public is looking for a better way that is more stable and safe to interact with digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

BiLira believes that blockchain-based stablecoins can provide the means for financial interactions that are accessible, convenient, fast, and as transparent as connecting and sharing information on the internet. The BiLira project was founded by Sinan Koc (CEO), Murat Firat (CTO), and Vidal Arditi (COO), and is a growing team consisting of software engineers, blockchain developers, and venture builders that have deep knowledge and experience in internet technology, consumer finance, online services, and blockchain products. Our vision is for all Turkish citizens to have equal opportunity to be a part of the financial system of the future and to make everyone connect with decentralized internet and distributed financial products.

One unit of BiLira (1 TRYB) is always supported by one unit of the reserve currency (1 TRY).

Just as information can flow freely between web browsers, BiLira aims to make transferring value between wallets effortless, instant, and borderless for everyone.

TRYB Use Cases

TRYP Bi Lira use cases

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