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New Listing: enVoy (VOY) Token

We are happy to announce that the VOY token is now available on Liquid.
Buy VOY token on Liquid

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We are happy to announce that the VOY token is now available on Liquid.

About VOY

The VOY token sits at the heart of enVoy DeFi’s ecosystem. It is designed to be a utility token native to the Corda blockchain and is a core component of the enVoy funding revolution. This token enables the majority of the backend functionality within the ecosystem and is used as both a method of value transfer and a data management/retrieval system. VOY allows trade to move faster and more efficiently than ever before.
In addition to being accepted in settlement for various enVoy and third-party services, VOY holders can benefit from the use of their tokens in enVoy DeFi supply chain finance ecosystem through a staking program. The VOY staking program allows token holders to make their tokens available to the ecosystem as a means of providing liquidity for supply chain payments.
The total supply of VOY tokens is around 500 million as per the details mentioned at www.envoydefi.com.

Various Features within enVoy Defi ecosystem:

Tokenised Letter of Credit (tLC)

The Tokenised Letter of Credit (“tLC”) is one of enVoy’s first major innovations. In traditional trade finance, a letter of credit is a note which guarantees a buyer’s payment, normally through a secured loan. This letter of credit is essential in the supply chain because it assures the seller they will be paid for their goods.

Tokenized Bills of Lading (tBL)

enVoy’s solution will incorporate a tokenized Bill of Lading (tBL) which, similar to the tLC, comes with many benefits that result from digitization. Our innovative NFT solution allows tBLs to be associated with a particular contract and links physical goods to digital contracts and processes.

NFT Wrapped

An NFT is a uniquely identifiable container that can hold digital assets securely and verifiably. NFTs give enVoy the ability to package contracts, loans, titles, eBL, validation checks, etc. all into a single programmable package that can be bought and sold. What this represents is a unique token that cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

Please familiarize yourself with enVoy DeFi whitepaper to learn more about the project and its tokenomics.

VOY Listing Details

Listing Date: March 4th, 2022 at 3 PM (JST).

Listing pair: VOY/USDT and VOY/BTC.

From 4th of March, 2022 -18th of March, 2022 we offer 0 fees for trading VOY pairs on Liquid. 

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