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The news of the hour for the last year has been Non-fungible tokens (NFT). You might have no clue what it is, but we bet you have heard of the term more than once reading our blog posts.

An NFT or a non-fungible token is a smart contract that assures sole ownership of a singular, irreplaceable asset.

If that’s hard to swallow, think of it like this: artists released physical CDs of albums and singles in the old days. So, everyone buying it was buying essentially the same thing. That means it was fungible.

What if the artist released only one CD of the album? That means only one person in the world could buy it. Now, depending on that artist’s popularity, it would sell at hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars (you never know!) Why? Because the album is non-fungible. It’s the same case with NFT. 

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean only one person can own a certain NFT. If the creator makes more than one copy of an NFT, more than one person can have it in their possession. But the number is finite, and the creator decides it.

Celebrities these days are launching their NFTs and selling them off for big bucks. Let’s look at some of the big names, shall we?

Snoop Dogg

Why are we not surprised to have him on this list? Snoop has been a crypto pumper since Dogecoin crashed the market. The rapper announced the arrival of his NFT collection A Journey with the Dogg on April 2. In this sort-of-a-memoir, Snoop shares his involvement with the NFT movement from the beginning and a fresh track named “NFT” along with it. A share of the proceeds went to new artists in crypto, while another part went to his Youth Football League.

Lindsay Lohan

If you know Lindsay, you know she is always keeping up with the new trends. She is also one of the few artists who embraced NFTs very early in the celebrity domain. After minting her tokens, she also released a song, “Lullaby,” in the form of an NFT. The EDM song, a collab with DJ Manual Riva, sold for $85K+ in auctions with a ‘never seen before’ animated video clip of the singer with butterflies.


The Canadian musician is making the big bucks from NFT. She has already sold over $6 million with her WarNymph collection. The collection is now one of the most popular NFTs in the world.

William Shatner

William Shatner, the famous Captain Kirk, boarded the NFT train with a collection of pictures based on his personal life. Given the nerdy fanbase of the nonagenarian star, his collection, which included one picture of him hugging legendary Leonard Nemoy, sold out all the 10000 copies.

Paris Hilton

Acknowledging the democratization of art, Paris Hilton has gone full-on in NFT mode. She has even named two of her dogs Crypto Hilton and Ether Reum. The star has sold over a million-dollar worth of NFTs with her new pieces “Hummingbird in My Metaverse,” “Legend of Love,” and “Iconic Crypto Queen.”

Ellen DeGeneres

The super-cool comedian and talk show host dipped her toes into NFT when she sold a picture of a cat on an NFT marketplace. Being promoted on The Ellen Show, it was sold for $33,495, which she donated to the World Central Kitchen.


Shawn Mendes

The 23-year old superstar made over $600K in NFT from the sale of his virtually signed Fender guitar, neckless vest, keychain, and a load of other things. Collaborating with Genies, a leading avatar brand, Shawn donated all the money to Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants.


The rap legend made his mark on the NFT industry when he released his Shady Con NFT, partnering with Nifty Gateway. The collection of comic books, action figures, and original tracks made over $1.8 million. But that’s not all of it. Eminem, along with Sony Music Entertainment, invested over $30 million in the NFT marketplace MakersPlace. 

Mark Cuban

The billionaire crypto enthusiast has been all about crypto from the beginning. So, when NBA top shots started selling as NFTs, he made over $81K from each of his sold NFTs.

Jack Dorsey

Look at the date of this tweet. That is the first-ever tweet on Twitter posted by Jack Dorsey, CEO, and Co-Founder. This tweet was sold for a whopping $2.9 million. As insane as it may seem, it’s all thanks to NFTs.

Edward Snowden

Finally, let’s talk about the torchbearer of modern-day democracy, the person who reminded us of the value of privacy and fought for all of us. Edward Snowden sold his NFT, Stay Free, for 2224 ETH or $7.17 million as of the time of publication. The sum was donated to his Freedom of Press Foundation. 

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