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Cenfura (XCF) Deposit and Trade Competition

Cenfura is now live for trading on Liquid. To celebrate this new listing we offer you the opportunity to win XCF tokens.
Cenfura (XCF) Deposit and Trade Competition

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Cenfura is now live for trading on Liquid. To celebrate this new listing we offer you the opportunity to win XCF tokens.

What is XCF?

XCF is an ERC-20 token utilized by the Cenfura Platform as a mechanism of settlement to represent value generated and utilized by Renewable Energy Assets in the Cenfura ecosystem.

What is the Cenfura Platform?

A blockchain-based system for deploying renewable community energy solutions (solar, wind & hydroelectric). The core of the platform is a distributed architecture that tightly integrates state-of-the-art energy production, distribution, control, and trading technologies.

Learn more about Cenfura here.

Liquid-Cenfura Campaign

We are giving away over 25,000 USD + in XCF tokens (150,000 XCF). There are 2 competitions, which means you have two chances to win.

  1. Deposit XCF to Liquid and earn a bonus on top.
  2. Win XCF in a trading competition.

1. Cenfura Deposit Event

Be rewarded with XCF and stand an additional chance to win 20,000 Cenfura by depositing XCF to Liquid.

Event Duration: 25 November 2020, 00:00 to 30 November 2020, 23:59 (JST)

How to win:

Deposit more than 250 XCF into your Liquid account and you will be rewarded with 25 XCF tokens for each 250 XCF deposited. Each user can receive up to a total of 100 XCF. Please note the prize pool is limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

All users who deposit at least 250 XCF will be entered into a bonus lucky draw where one user will win 20,000 XCF.


Deposit Amount 



≧1000 XCF

100 XCF


750 XCF

75 XCF


500 XCF

50 XCF


250 XCF

25 XCF

Please read the terms and conditions before you participate.

How to Deposit on Liquid

Liquid supports a number of fiat currencies that can be deposited straight from your bank account. You can swap your fiat to XCF using Liquid Swap service.

If you have your XCF token in a wallet or on another exchange, you can deposit it straight to Liquid. Crypto deposits are easy and take no time at all.

You can exchange any cryptocurrency listed on Liquid to XCF using Liquid Swap service.

If you want to  buy XCF with your credit/debit card, choose Buy with Visa.

Deposit XCF

2. Cenfura Trading Contest

Trade XCF on Liquid to win a share of 18,000 USD worth of XCF (100,000 XCF). 

Event Duration: 3rd December 2020, 00:00 to 12th December 2020, 23:59 (JST)

How to win:

A total prize pool of 100,000 XCF will be made available to the top 50 traders who:

(i) execute at least USD 1000 worth of XCF trades on Liquid during the trading competition

(ii) achieve a minimum net purchase of 1000 XCF from their trades

The prizes:

Position Prize
1st 25,000 XCF
2nd 12,500 XCF
3rd 5,000 XCF
4th 4,000 XCF
5th 3,500 XCF
6th 3,250 XCF
7th 3,000 XCF
8th 2,750 XCF
9th 2,500 XCF
10th 2,250 XCF
11th-19th 1,500 XCF
20th-29th 1,000 XCF
30th-39th 800 XCF
40th-50th 250 XCF

Bonus chance to win

All top 50 traders in the Cenfura Trading Competition will be entered into a bonus lucky draw where one trader will win an additional 2,000 XCF. 

Please read the terms and conditions before you participate.

Trading competition leaderboard

rank email volume (XCF)
1 mcs@kha****ov.co 972250.1711
2 a425****2@163.com 689164.4917
3 lian****ang@gmail.com 559644.508
4 hsh****a@163.com 485446.5086
5 194****2@qq.com 464799.036
6 ixzn****vs@163.com 422625.3245
7 se****@163.com 421892.7523
8 crypto****kh9@gmail.com 419997.9602
9 xyzz975@****onmail.com 415677.3813
10 cryp****idoy@gmail.com 403712.3779
11 cris****@163.com 396159.7033
12 as****@gmail.com 391465.5509
13 alexey.s****@gmail.com 303806.2581
14 pasi@****i.com 229099.3602
15 sam****16@gmail.com 214546.3668
16 my****omains@gmail.com 104217.8895
17 sh.****am@gmail.com 92433.40019
18 tag****a@gmail.com 88241.84511
19 m_****@hotmail.com 63712.25
20 ster****tern@gmail.com 23796.37064
21 jessi****taniemi2@gmail.com 23157.07173
22 jau****@gmail.com 11155.78709
23 guille.sch9****o@gmail.com 6067.961165
25 rulit.net@****.ru 4965.598773
26 dm****y.k@efsf.org 4587

Trade now

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