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Chainlink (LINK), currently the #6 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, is the latest token to be listed on Liquid Exchange.

Chainlink addresses an issue known as the “oracle problem.” The oracle problem concerns smart contracts - smart contracts live and operate on a variety of blockchains. However, many smart contracts depend on external data sources, APIs, and such. This means that if the smart contracts are not fed accurate, reliable data from appropriate sources, they will not function as anticipated.

LINK has the goal of addressing this potential hurdle and empowering blockchain smart contracts as a kind of middleware - and doing so in a way that doesn’t compromise the decentralized, blockchain-based benefits of smart contracts, as a centralized solution would.

The project aims to give smart contracts provably secure access to any API, to send payments anywhere and to connect any smart contract platform to the inputs and outputs it needs. LINK is also part of the DeFi (decentralized finance) movement, empowering projects through its decentralized and secure infrastructure, data sourced from premium APIs, and a healthy open source community.

Chainlink has been gathering more and more notice in recent times. Check out what the hype is all about by trading LINK on Liquid today.

Trading pairs that are available: LINK/BTC and LINK/USDT.


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