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New Campaign: Claim up to $100 in ZUSD

We’ve got an exciting announcement for all stablecoin fans out there! Claim up to $100 in ZUSD by completing two simple steps.
Buy ZUSD stablecoin on liquid exchange

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We’ve got an exciting announcement for all stablecoin fans out there! Claim up to $100 in ZUSD by completing two simple steps.

  1. Buy ZUSD with your VISA or Mastercard via Quick Exchange
  2. Subscribe your ZUSD tokens to Liquid Earn (Earn 10.02% APY)

That's it!

Claim a 10% bonus on the amount of ZUSD purchased. The maximum reward is $100 in ZUSD. To be eligible, subscribe your newly purchased ZUSD balance to Liquid Earn!

Note: If you already have ZUSD subscribed to Liquid Earn, it will automatically start earning rewards within 24 hours on your newly purchased balance, you don't need to subscribe again.

Hurry - only the first 100 participants will be eligible to win!

Don’t have a Liquid account yet? Create a free account today.

Sign-up on Liquid

What is ZUSD?

The new digital USD stablecoin is issued by GMO-Z.com Trust Company (GMO Trust).

  • 100% fiat-backed
  • Independent audit reports provided on month-end balances
  • Supervised by the New York Department of Financial Service

What is Quick Exchange?

Our Quick Exchange product was made with usability, convenience, and low cost in mind. You can purchase over 80+ cryptocurrencies with your bank card or swap crypto from one another instantly. 

Check out our help article to learn more.

What is Liquid Earn?

Our Earn product is a way of earning up to 13.989% APY rewards on your crypto balance (paid weekly). There is no lock-in on your crypto. You can deposit and withdraw assets at any time at your convenience. 

Our exploratory help article goes into more detail.


Click here for the campaign's Terms & Conditions.

Buy ZUSD now

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