Deposit and Withdraw SGD via StraitsX + Giveaway (finished)

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Please note that the giveaway is finished as we reached the maximum number of participants. 

We are excited to announce the integration of StraitsX services for fast and seamless deposits and withdrawals for the Singapore Dollar. The feature is available for Singapore residents looking to on/off ramp fiat as quickly as possible.

Depositing SGD to Liquid via StraitsX is free and settlement takes only a few minutes to reflect in your account. 

Liquid has recently integrated an account verification (KYC) with Singpass, Singapore resident’s trusted digital identity, where users can fully verify their account on Liquid within minutes. This allows fast onboarding for users to start using the whole range of Liquid features. 


Now with the integration of StraitsX Payment API, users can deposit SGD with 0 fees to purchase, swap, or trade cryptocurrencies, and take advantage of Liquid Earn - a way of earning up to 13.989% APY rewards on your balance at Liquid. 

The feature is now live on both the Web app version of and the Liquid Mobile app.

Review the guide for using StraitsX on Liquid.

Note: Your bank account will remain in Pending state until you deposit SGD for the very first time. Your status will update to Confirmed once a deposit is made.

To celebrate the launch, Liquid is giving back to our Singapore community!

Sign-up with Singpass, fund your account via StraitsX to receive a bonus of S$70 (terms and conditions apply).

Deposit SGD via StraitsX

Claim S$20 by verifying your account via Singpass. Verification is seamless and only takes a few minutes!

The first 100 users that deposit SGD via StraitsX on Liquid gets an additional bonus of S$50. Which totals to S$70!

How to win:

  1. Sign-up on Liquid and verify your account using Singpass.
  2. Deposit over S$200 via StraitsX (learn how to deposit via StraitsX).
  3. Get S$70 for free!

If you are already an existing verified Liquid user, you can still claim S$50 for depositing funds via StraitsX!

For the campaign details, read the full terms and conditions.

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