$5,000 Kusama Deposit and Trading Competition

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We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting a deposit and trading competition to support our latest listing Kusama (KSM), starting 5th of April, 2021!

If you do not have a Liquid account, you can sign-up here before the competition begins!

Once registered, invite friends to participate and earn an additional 30% commission from their trade fees.

What is Kusama?

Kusama is a next-generation sharded blockchain network. Initially planned as a network focused on research and development, Kusama is a standalone chain built with a similar codebase to Polkadot but with its own community of blockchain builders.

While Polkadot will be completely focused on parachain security and reliability, Kusama has a focus on experimentation. 

Learn more about Kusama (KSM) here

1. $2,000 Deposit Competition

How to win: Deposit more than 0.5 KSM into your Liquid account and you will be rewarded with 10% of the deposit amount. The maximum bonus per user equals 0.2 KSM.

Example: User A deposited 0.5 KSM (+- $275) into a Liquid account during the deposit campaign period. User A is eligible to receive a 0.05 KSM (+- $27) bonus for his deposit.
User B deposited 3 KSM to his Liquid account. User B is eligible for only 0.2 KSM (+- $120) because the maximum bonus per user is limited to 0.2 KSM (+- $120).

Please note the prize pool is limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Deposit period: 5 days

Start date: Monday, April 5th, 12:00 pm JST

End date: Thursday, April 10th, 12:00 pm JST

Please read the terms and conditions before you participate. 

How to Deposit on Liquid

Liquid supports a number of fiat currencies that can be deposited straight from your bank account. 

If you have your KSM in a wallet or on another exchange, you can deposit it straight to Liquid. Crypto deposits are easy and take no time at all.

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2. $3,000 Trading Competition

All traders will be ranked in terms of the total KSM/BTC trading volume traded on their Liquid Exchange account (including both Buys and Sells) across the KSM/BTC trading pair during the competition period.

Please note that anyone found to be breaking the rules will be disqualified. Traders who try any form of market manipulation in which a user simultaneously sells and buys the same financial instruments (wash trade) to create misleading, artificial activity in the marketplace will be disqualified.

What and how can I win?

The top 3 traders with the highest trading volumes (KSM/BTC) on our exchange will share $3,000 worth of KSM.

1. $1,500
2. $1,000
3. $500

How long will the trading competition run for?

The competition runs for 14 days from Monday, April 5th, 12:00 pm JST until Thursday, April 19th, 23:59 JST.

Please read the terms and conditions before you participate.

Competition leaderboard

Deposit competition:

Trading contest:

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