The Gram Token Sale is now complete

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We are delighted to announce that due to stronger than anticipated demand we have closed the Gram token sale early. Last orders were accepted up until 11.30 PM UTC on July 12.

We look forward to our next mission of supporting the development of the Telegram Open Network and providing liquidity to Gram holders around the world once mainnet launches.

Liquid will continue to work with selected partner exchanges in the distribution of Gram tokens to verified users. Our partners include:

This list will be updated from time to time, as we continue to finalize more partnership agreements.

Liquid is not associated with other platforms not in this list that claim to offer Gram tokens for sale or promotions related to the Gram Token Sale, in affiliation with Gram Asia and/or Liquid.

Any legitimate communications around the Gram Token Sale, partnership announcements, as well as related promotions, including the Win a Ton of Gram campaign, and #DoItForTheGram campaign, will be communicated via our official channels set out below:

For further media enquiries, please contact

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