Five crypto projects to watch in 2019

Any investment requires thorough due diligence, but analyzing a project isn't always easy. Crypto investors have to assess projects based on the core fundamentals that are available, such as the team, the target market and progress being made.

At Liquid, we are ecstatic to work with crypto startups that are flying high in 2019 and exceeding expectations. Here are five projects we’re watching closely.

Get Protocol

GET, or Guaranteed Entrance Token, is a smart ticketing solution that does away with everything you hate about buying event tickets.

Whenever you try to purchase tickets to a concert, comedy event or any other kind of show, if you aren’t fast enough they get sold out and you have to pay a ridiculous markup to ticket resellers. Using blockchain, GET have solved this problem.

The GET Protocol team continues to move forward, with consistent technology, partnership and other news being released on their Medium every month.

Here are a few highlights:



Startups are the birthplace of innovation. Hungry, talented entrepreneurs take a risk to ditch the status quo and pursue their passion.

RedFox is an incubator in Southeast Asia that recognizes the innovative power of a startup. The team scouts for new talent and innovation to help businesses scale and make use of blockchain technology.

Here’s what RedFOX is up to:

  • Strategic partnership with Hacken, a cyber-security firm, further strengthening security on top of utilizing Komodo’s highly secure dPoW consensus mechanism.
  • Joined forces with leading boutique consulting company Kinetic Consulting Services to bring blockchain business solutions to the UAE and MENA region.
  • Scoring the first big win as a blockchain venture builder: Zaddex, a product of RedFOX’s incubation has launched a blockchain venture.



Securities lending is a huge business in traditional finance, so it only makes sense that it would translate perfectly to crypto. Lendingblock is a company making that happen, bringing securities lending into the cryptocurrency economy.

Lendingblock is built for institutional needs, allowing big financial players to generate higher yields, among other things, through a lending exchange. The LND token plays an integral role in the platform.

What’s Lendingblock doing?

Buy LND on Liquid

Adoption is the next step along the path to a tokenized future. What better way to spur adoption than to make it simple to spend your crypto anywhere that accepts Visa cards? That’s what has done.

The MCO Visa card lets you pay with your crypto. Not just that, you can use the accompanying app to invest, trade and earn interest.

Here’s some of the progress of



Enjin is a blockchain platform built for the gaming industry. The Enjin Platform is a blockchain platform that enables anyone to make blockchain games without having to do any of the tricky stuff, like building and maintaining any blockchain infrastructure or writing any blockchain-related code.

The Enjin coin removes the silos traditional games are creating with in game economies by connecting all compatible games within one ecosystem.

Take a peek at Enjin’s progress:


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