Gold-based Virtual Asset TMTG is listed on Liquid

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Hong Kong-based virtual asset service provider TMTG Enterprise HK Limited announced the listing of its virtual asset TMTG (The Midas Touch Gold) on global exchange Liquid.

TMTG has been making notable progress on its development of gold trading platform TGXC (Touch Gold Exchange) and numerous listings on global exchanges to keep up with its investors' expectations. The listing on Liquid is likely to heighten the interest among the existing and potential investors.

TMTG officially stated, "TGXC platform is expected to be completed by the end of this year as planned. The continuous listing of TMTG is a part of our effort to increase the token liquidity."

TMTG deposits are set to be live at 1:30 pm (JST), October 13th.

TMTG/USD market listing on Liquid is scheduled at 3:00 pm (JST), October 13th.

Company profile:

TMTG was founded with the vision of bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and real assets. We believe that as the world becomes increasingly connected, it is crucial to create an ecosystem where the true value of real assets can be realised by tapping into the liquidity of the global markets. The way to achieve this is through tokenization so that value can be transferred among users in a secure and transparent manner.

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The Midas Touch Gold

TMTG Enterprise HK Limited is a blockchain service provider that owns numerous international patents related to digital gold transaction.