Grab the best cryptocurrency deals available this Black Friday Weekend

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Black Friday weekend is one of the only times of year it's acceptable to let loose and buy that thing you've been dreaming about. Bargains are everywhere, but often what you're really after doesn't go up for sale. 

As a crypto enthusiast, one of the most appealing propositions is adding to your crypto stack. At Liquid, we're bringing the crypto community what they actually want this Black Friday by giving discounts on crypto. 

For Black Friday weekend we have wrapped up six baskets full of cryptocurrency with the best discount available anywhere: 100% off.

That's right. From November 29 - December 2 you will have the chance to win a basket full of cryptocurrency for free.

The baskets

Each basket will be worth 100 USDe and will contain:

-Celsius Network

Baskets will be deposited to your Liquid account if you manage to win. 

How to win

Over the course of the weekend we will be giving away six baskets of crypto on our social media platforms. Check back here every day to see the next task, or follow us on Twitter for updates every time a new chance to win goes live. 

Task 1

The first competition in now live on our Twitter and two baskets are up for grabs. Head over to Twitter now to complete the task and gain a chance of winning.

Task 2

Your second chance to win a basket of crypto is now live on the Liquid Instagram. See you there!

Task 3

We're heading over to Facebook for the third task. This time two more baskets of crypto are on the line. Go there now to win yours!

Task 4

 The final chance to win a basket of crypto is now live on LinkedIn. Don't miss out - secure the deal.

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