Gram Token Sale: Price & QASH rebate details

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The Gram Token Sale starts on Liquid 11 AM UTC on July 10.

Until now, only private sale investors have been able to get their hands on the exclusive Gram tokens. Now is your chance.

How much is a Gram?

The price per Gram token will be 4 USD, but by holding QASH, this can be as low as 3.50 USD.

What are the funding currencies? 

You will be able to buy Gram tokens with USDC, USD or any of the currencies available in Quick Exchange on Liquid. Get your funds ready! Deposit now

You must have a verified Liquid account to take part in the Gram Token Sale. Not got an account yet?

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How can I get Gram tokens for 3.50 USD?

QASH holders can access an exclusive QASH rebate that means you can effectively pay as little as 3.50 USD per Gram – a 12.5% saving. Buy QASH on Liquid.

The QASH rebate campaign has four holder tiers, outlined below:


Here’s how it all works:

  • QASH must be held on Liquid to be eligible for the rebate.
  • The holding period begins when the Gram token sale ends. QASH must be held from July 17 until the end of the holding period associated with your tier.
  • You have until July 17 to accrue your QASH. A snapshot of balances will be taken on the last day of the sale.
  • Rebates will be paid in QASH based on the QASH/USD-rate on the day of the payouts.
  • Individual rebates are capped by the USDe amount of QASH you hold on the last day of the sale (at the time of the snapshot). For example, if you hold 1,000 USD of QASH when the sale ends, you can receive a rebate up to 1,000 USD.
  • Regular snapshots of your QASH balance will be taken during the holding period. If the number of QASH your hold decreases, your total rebate amount will be reduced by recalculating your maximum rebate based on the QASH/USD price from the last day of sale.
  • Rebates will be paid in full and in QASH after the first tranche of Gram tokens are released.

Read the full terms and conditions

The Gram Token Sale begins at 11 AM UTC on July 10. Get your QASH ready.

Win a TON of Gram

We’re giving away more than 500,000 USD in Gram token prizes.

Buying Gram tokens in the token sale on Liquid automatically registers you in the raffle. For every 100 USD you spend, you’ll receive one raffle ticket.

Only tickets received on the first day of the sale will be eligible for the grand prize of 100,000 USD worth of Gram tokens – so act fast!

Upon completion of the sale we’ll inform you how many tickets you have and the corresponding raffle ticket numbers. The live draw will take place shortly thereafter.

Here’s the full list of prizes:

  • Grand Prize: 100,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Second: 90,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Third: 80,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Fourth: 70,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Fifth: 60,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Sixth: 50,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Seventh: 40,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Eighth: 30,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Ninth: 20,000 USD worth of Grams
  • Tenth: 5,000 USD worth of Grams

You must have a balance of at least 50 QASH in your Liquid account by the end of the sale to receive raffle tickets.

You must also join the Liquid Telegram channel and Gram Asia Telegram channel to be eligible.

Read the full Terms and Conditions of the raffle.

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