Win a TON of Gram: more than 500,000 USD in prizes to give away

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The Gram Token Sale is almost here (July 10 🗓️). As a show of appreciation to our amazing community, we’ve put together a special raffle with a prize pool of more than 500,000 USD worth of Gram tokens!

Win a TON of Gram: lucky draw contest

Join the Gram Token Sale by buying Gram tokens and you’ll automatically be registered. For every 100 USD you spend, you’ll receive one raffle ticket.

Act fast to increase your chances of winning. Only tickets received on the first day of the sale will be eligible for the grand prize of 100,000 USD worth of Gram tokens.

Upon completion of the sale we’ll inform you how many tickets you have and the corresponding raffle ticket numbers. The live draw will take place shortly thereafter.

Here’s the full list of prizes: 

  • Grand Prize: 100,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Second: 90,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Third: 80,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Fourth: 70,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Fifth: 60,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Sixth: 50,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Seventh: 40,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Eighth: 30,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Ninth: 20,000 USD worth of Grams 
  • Tenth: 5,000 USD worth of Grams 

Remember: you’ll need a verified Liquid account to take part in the sale and be eligible for raffle tickets. Not got an account yet? Sign up now

You must have a balance of at least 50 QASH in your Liquid account by the end of the sale to be able to win the grand prize. 

You must also join the Liquid Telegram channel and Gram Asia Telegram channel to be eligible. 

Read the full Terms and Conditions

Are you an active member of the Twitter crypto-verse? Join our #DoItForTheGram social media contest here to win more Gram tokens.

For our loyal QASH holders, there's a QASH holder rebate on the purchase of Gram tokens

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