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How Quick Exchange Caters to Crypto’s New Wave

We are all on the quest for adoption and expansion. That’s the driving force behind the success of crypto.
the crypto new wave

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We are all on the quest for adoption and expansion. That’s the driving force behind the success of crypto.

As Liquid grows alongside cryptocurrency, we have to consider all of the different types of customers that may want to use our services.

No two customers have the same needs. We have to offer a spectrum of services, with varying degrees of nuance, to satisfy all potential customers.

You should feel at home on Liquid. Whatever your user preferences, we want to offer you the tools you need to get the job done.

Our most recent releases have been catered towards professional trading. Liquid Infinity facilitates Bitcoin CFD trading with up to 100x leverage and Liquid Tap is an improved WebSocket layer which is great for our API traders.

To complement these trading developments, we have also built Quick Exchange - perfect for newer users, first-time buyers or anyone who wants to quickly and easily swap one crypto for another.

Opportunities within crypto

To continue to grow the cryptocurrency space we need an influx of fresh faces that see the potential. The problem is, cryptocurrency is undeniably complex, especially for newer users.

Some 26% of people leaving items in online shopping carts do so due to the complexity of the checkout process.

If we apply this statistic to crypto it’s easy to see how the onboarding process could be a real turnoff.

Charts, order books, trading pairs - it can be overwhelming and it really is a barrier to entry. There is no reason that an aspiring cryptocurrency investor should have to understand the complexities of trading just to purchase Bitcoin.

Quick Exchange solves the problem

Buy with simplicity, without restriction.

Once a new Liquid user is signed up, verified and has funded their account, they are just a few clicks away from owning digital assets.

Simply choose the asset you would like to fund your exchange with (including fiat), choose what you would like to exchange it for and voila! Quick Exchange complete.

Liquid Quick Exchange is so powerful it can even facilitate trades that aren’t possible within the traditional trading environment.

How Quick Exchange slots into the future of crypto

We see a tokenized, digital future. We are setting ourselves up for success as we progress towards this vision.

Quick Exchange fills the void created by inadequate on-ramps. We continue to grow our services to attract new customers from all stages of the customer journey. Quick Exchange is a valuable part of our platforms portfolio in this regard.

We want to introduce curious minds to cryptocurrency and nurture the relationship to help our new customers learn with our educational cryptocurrency and blockchain content.

As these customers grow and develop, our other services will become more attractive.

Ultimately, Liquid will cover the entire cryptocurrency development lifecycle. Beginning with the initial on-boarding of crypto rookies, we want to assist with the development of these individuals, helping craft a generation of independent and confident crypto investors who will tell their own stories.

What’s more, every new user is a potential QASH holder and investor. After all, the benefits available on Liquid from using and holding QASH are a no-brainer. Bringing new users on board and introducing them to QASH motivates us to continue building and upgrading the Liquid platform.

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