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How to buy crypto with your credit or debit card on Liquid

Here's everything you need to know about how to buy crypto with your credit or debit card on Liquid.
how to buy crypto with your credit or debit card on Liquid

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Here's everything you need to know about how to buy crypto with your credit or debit card on Liquid.

Learn how to use Liquid Buy and Swap - though it’s so simple, it won’t be a long read!

First, log in to the platform and go to the Liquid Buy and Swap page.

From the top menu of the platform, choose “Buy and Swap”. If you don’t have a Liquid account yet, you’ll need to create one using your name & e-mail address.

How Do I use “Buy”?

If you don’t have any crypto yet and you want to buy cryptocurrency using your Visa debit/credit card, choose Buy Visa.

Using buy

Step 1: 

Choose the currency you want to buy from over 50+ fiats available

Step 2: 

Select the cryptocurrency you want to receive and enter the amount you wish to buy. 


The Buy and Swap widget will display the fees and conversion rate, as well as the final amount you will receive. 

Step 3: 

Select Buy with Visa to proceed with filling in your card information and confirming the purchase. 

Buy with visa on liquid

that’s it! - You’ve successfully bought cryptocurrency to your Liquid account.

Instant transaction on liquid

How do I use Swap?

If you already have fiat or cryptocurrency balance on your Liquid account, choose Swap.

If you have cryptocurrency outside Liquid go to Deposit.

Deposit on liquid

Learn more about depositing fiats or crypto on your Liquid account here.

Step 1: 

Choose one asset of crypto or fiat you own that you want to exchange.

Instant exchange

Step 2: 

Decide on the crypto you want to swap and enter the amount. 

Review your order and click Quick Exchange to confirm.

Enter crypto to swap

Step 3: 

And that’s it! - You’ll receive your cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds. 

Fast transactions on liquid

Liquid has a wide range of cryptocurrencies available for trading and now we've made it even easier to add them to your portfolio!

For commonly asked questions about Liquid Buy and Swap, read our FAQ Help Articles 1,2.

Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. As a premier fiat gateway, Liquid Buy and Swap can complement your platform by making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. 

Try it now

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