How to earn extra Gram tokens

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So you’ve heard the news: the first public sale of Telegram’s Gram tokens is coming to Liquid on July 10. This is the token sale everyone is talking about.

The Gram token is in high demand and we've put together a limited time, bespoke referral program to get your Gram holdings off to a flying start.

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All you need to do to earn some extra Gram tokens is invite your friends to sign up to Liquid and take part in the Gram Token Sale.

Your referral link can be found by clicking "Earn Gram Tokens" in the Liquid dashboard.

Your friends will need to:

  • Click on your referral link.
  • Sign up for an account on Liquid.
  • Submit and verify their account.
  • Buy at least USD100 worth of Gram tokens on Liquid.

For every successful referral, you will receive an equivalent of USD10 in GRAM tokens, up to a max of USD50.

It’s that easy.

Get your friends to join Liquid and take part in the Gram sale and your Gram bag will be that much heavier.

Refer your friends

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