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Sending and receiving cryptos on Liquid is now easier than ever, courtesy of FIO Addresses. Recently, Liquid enabled the Foundation for Inter-wallet Operability (FIO) protocol by improving the usability of crypto wallets, exchanges, and payment processors. 

In a nutshell, Liquid has managed to simplify the overall operations by reducing the need for confusing public addresses by integration with FIO protocol. You can now enjoy special feature of requesting funds via FIO, done in an encrypted and private manner. You simply need to specify the amount and sender's FIO address to request any payment across FIO ecosystem. 

What is FIO Address?

In a traditional sense, your cryptocurrency address consists of long strings of seemingly random characters that fail to make sense to most users when trying to send or receive some crypto. That is essentially where FIO Address comes in handy.

FIO Address maps those long and confusing public addresses with a memorable address. In short, Similar to an email address, FIO addresses are easy-to-read wallet identifiers for sending and receiving crypto. They only consist of a username and a domain — for example, bob@liquid.

This way, you can avoid making common mistakes, such as sending to the wrong wallet address or blockchain and becoming prey to scammers.

How to set up your FIO @liquid address

Step 1 - Sign-in to and view your Deposits using the link found in the top right corner of the page.


Step 2 - Click Get Started on the FIO banner.


Step 3 - Check if your preferred FIO address is available and click Register.


Step 4 - You will receive confirmation that your FIO @Liquid address has been reserved.


How to request payment using FIO address

Step 1 - Go to and visit the Deposit page.


Step 2 - Next to your FIO @Liquid Address click Request.


Step 3 - Enter your @liquid FIO address in the field Send Request From.



Step 4 - Enter the FIO address of the person you are requesting funds from in the field Send Request To.

Step 5 - Enter the amount and optional note, and click Send Request.


Step 6 - You will receive confirmation that your request has been sent.

Step 7 - Click Done to complete the deposit request.

Wasn’t that easy? You can send a request for payment to any user who has a FIO address across different platforms that support FIO Protocol. Here is the list of platforms that support FIO:

Reserve your FIO address

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