Improve your performance with PnL charts

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For traders and investors alike, a deep insight into historic performance is invaluable. Reviewing the past is the best way to optimize, improve and flourish. After all, we all want to be as successful as possible with our trading.

We released the new hub of the Liquid exchange last October, Liquid Vision. An all in one dashboard that gives users a full oversight of their Liquid account. This launch was just the first phase of Liquid Vision.

Today we have vastly increased the capabilities of Liquid Vision. The dashboard now provides traders and holders with two charts that present account performance over time. We are thrilled to bring this much requested feature to life to both Liquid web and mobile. 

Let’s take a look around.

Track trader performance

There are two new charts available on Liquid Vision that can be filtered by any active currency in your wallet. Use these to better understand the valuation of your portfolio and to pinpoint any areas of success or weakness.

PnL chart

The PnL chart presents a cumulative line chart of your profit and loss across your entire portfolio, shown in your home currency. This shows how much you have gained or lost over time.

The PnL chart is calculated by subtracting any deposits or withdrawals from the total account equity. Therefore, you are able to track the profits and losses generated everywhere on Liquid, regardless of if you have been using Quick Exchange, margin, spot, perpetuals or any other part of our platform.

Equity chart

The equity chart shows the total value of your Liquid account in your home currency over the chosen period of time. Therefore, using this chart you can track the overall historic value of your account over time. This includes portfolio changes driven by price fluctuations - meaning you can use the equity chart to keep track of your portfolio changes even if you’re just a hodler.

This chart also pinpoints wherever you made a deposit or withdrawal, so you can monitor account performance and valuation, while taking into account funding events which may otherwise skew chart results.

Improve yourself

Using the new Liquid Vision dashboard you will now be able to keep track of your entire account performance. Whatever you use the Liquid platform for, the two new charts can be used to monitor and refine your strategy to best reach your goals.

Whether you’re trading Bitcoin with 100x leverage or just simply taking advantage of Liquid’s top tier security to hold your assets, these charts are perfect for analysis and improvement.

Take a look

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