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Improving UX via Liquid’s Buy & Swap

Last summer Liquid introduced Quick Exchange; the safest, most convenient way to buy and swap cryptocurrency. 
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Last summer Liquid introduced Quick Exchange; the safest, most convenient way to buy and swap cryptocurrency. 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Checkout.com. Liquid users can now enjoy competitive pricing, transparent fees and instant execution in over 50 fiat currencies, with VISA cards accepted globally. 

Never miss an opportunity with access to over 100 cryptocurrencies. Start trading, staking, farming, or diversifying your portfolio. Whenever. Wherever.

Try Buy and Swap today and experience the difference.

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“Bridging the worlds of fiat and crypto”

As part of our World Book strategy, bridging the worlds of fiat and crypto helps realise our mission: to make buying and trading cryptocurrency safe and straightforward, without requiring technical knowledge or complicated runarounds. 

We take our security and regulatory obligations seriously, using the latest technologies to keep your funds safe. Liquid was the first cryptocurrency exchange licensed to operate in Japan, and we are embarking on becoming one of the first licensed operators in Singapore.

Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. As a premier fiat gateway, Liquid Buy and Swap can complement your platform by making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. 

Try BUY with Visa now

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